Say Hi to Happy Skin

At Foxtale, we often ask ourselves one question- What makes a good skincare product? And in different ways we have always arrived at the same conclusion - it should show results on your skin and it should guarantee a few moments of solace- a promise that however your day goes, these few minutes of skincare are going to be happy!

All our products will always stand true to these two promises- efficacy and happiness.

Romita Mazumdar, Founder & CEO of Foxtale

Founder’s Note

I started Foxtale in response to my experience as a skincare consumer.

Romita Mazumdar,

Founder & CEO

I started Foxtale in response to my experience as a skincare consumer. Over the years I realized quality skincare products are a luxury accessible to few women in India. With Foxtale I wanted to change that - create a skincare brand that puts consumers' needs at the centre of things - in our research, in our formulations and in our community.

Even before the name existed on paper, I spoke to over 3000 women to understand their skin types and challenges. Fact is, there are about 300+ unique skin types in India. The varied climatic conditions across the country meant even people with similar skin types face different challenges depending where they are in the country. The challenge was to identify ingredients that not only ensure safety and efficacy but can be used by all women.

On the way, I have had the best formulators in the country believe in my vision and come on board to innovate products that go beyond topical solutions and focus on improving skin health and restoring damage done to the skin barrier because of photodamage and lack of hydration.

Today we source 80% of our ingredients from premiere labs across the globe. All 76 ingredients used by us are accepted and vetted by regulatory authorities around the world. We have also banned about 1500+ ingredients that can compromise your skin health. In the future we want to introduce ingredients and formulations that can fulfill the needs of every woman and revolutionize this space for good.

Our Team

Every day at Foxtale I am reminded of the fact that you dream alone but you build together. In the last 1.5 years I have met probably the best people who have believed in my vision for Foxtale and have only enhanced it with their expertise, efforts and enthusiasm.

Here’s to encountering new challenges everyday with each of them.

Skincare for All

Our main mission is to make quality skincare products accessible to all women. While we choose the safest and most efficacious ingredients, we do not equate them with exorbitant prices.

At the same time we ensure the most basic products are made as efficacious as the most topical treatments so that you have a happy skin irrespective of where you are in your skincare journey.

We believe skin is a fundamental right and not a privilege that can be availed if you have the luxury of time and money.

Integrity with Ingredients

We believe it’s extremely important to know what all you apply on your face. For this reason, we have full disclosure on all the ingredients we use in our products.

Additionally, we conduct lab trials within the beauty community and publish their feedback for all to see.

While we stand for using certified allergen free fragrances for better sensorial feel, we have reduced the percentage from 0.6% to 0.4% based on their feedback.

Sisterhood over Sales

While efficacious products will always be the core of Foxtale, we are not here to achieve sales targets. We want to create a community of skincare enthusiasts who learn, grow and glow together.

Our community has played a key role at every step of our journey- whether it's the first 3000 women who chose to share their skin stories with us or the beauty experts who agreed to be part of our first ever lab trial.

To every woman who has reached out to us with a query, comment or compliment- to us, you are all part of our ever growing community and we learn from you everyday.