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Vitamin C Serum | 30ml

Vitamin C Serum | 30ml

30 ml

This Vitamin C serum powered with 15% L-ascorbic acid and Vitamin E will brighten your skin instantly, reduce spots and blemishes, boost collagen production leaving your skin looking plump and younger.

In addition vitamin E protects the skin from sun damage and environmental stressors and slows down the signs of aging.

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Smoothening Moisturizer

Smoothening Moisturizer

50 ml

Packed with 3 ceramides and sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer, this lightweight moisturizer provides lasting hydration and smoother, softer skin with repeated use.

It is also equipped to strengthen your skin barrier over time and has calming properties to combat any redness and inflammation.

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How this helps you get glowing skin everyday?

A 15% L-Ascorbic Acid
The purest and most potent form of Vitamin C available. It slows the rate of free radical damage and reduces lines and wrinkles and adds that glow to your skin.
E Vitamin E (Tocopherol)
Acts as a stabilizing agent for Vitamin C. Not only is this a powerful antioxidant that protects skin from adverse pollution and slows down the aging process.. In addition, Vitamin E can reduce the appearance of dark spots and inflammation.
SH Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer
Sodium hyaluronate is a uniquely cross-linked derivative of Hyaluronic acid. 1-2 million Da of Hyaluronic Acid are combined to form a densely hydrating molecule. It forms a dense layer over the skin’s surface allowing it to remain there longer, providing a deep conditioning and nourishing effect.
CE Ceramides AP, NP, EOP
These are 3 of the 9 ceramides found in the skin. Ceramides occur naturally. They are the ‘glue’ that holds our skin barrier together and strengthens it. By helping retain water and moisture, they help to nourish the skin by calming sensitivity and improving the skin’s texture.
HO Hydrogenated Olive Oil Unsaponifiables
This lipid derived from Olive Oil is extremely beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. It is believed to be 4x more effective than Squalane in providing hydration and nourishment, due to its broader molecule compatibility with skin.

How to use?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is L-Ascorbic acid

L-Ascorbic acid is the purest and most potent form of Vitamin C. While Vitamin C can be found in several forms, this, when applied topically, shows the most effective results.

2. Why do I need Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is the answer to all your skin’s queries about brightness, dark spots and sun damage. It is a tried and tested antioxidant that shows the best improvement in your complexion over time. Our users even found a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles over time, whereas others said the Vitamin C made them skip make-up!

3. Can people be sensitive to Vitamin C?

Sometimes! Due to its low pH, Vitamin C is highly acidic and can cause a slight tingling sensation for some. It subsides with time. However, if the irritation persists or you see any changes in your skin’s texture or appearance, stop using it immediately! Beginners with very sensitive skin are advised to use Vitamin C 2-3 times a week and build a tolerance, post which it shows the best results when used daily!

4. Vitamin C fights free radical damage. Does using Vitamin C mean I can skip sunscreen?

NOPE! Even though it is one of the strongest weapons in your arsenal when fighting sun damage, Vitamin C can make your skin sensitive to the sun. While our Vitamin C is formulated in a way that makes sun sensitivity less likely, it can only be combated fully with a broad spectrum sunscreen, which should be used right after!

5. Will this make my skin tingle?

If your skin isn’t used to Vitamin C, the higher concentration in our formula may make your skin tingle slightly. However, it should stop in a few seconds. If it continues to irritate your skin, please stop using it!

6. Why is sunscreen necessary along with Vitamin C?

Consider this combination the most effective way to fight free radicals and sun damage. While they work on their own, together, they only enhance each other’s benefits. This is the most sureshot way to see rapid results from both products!

7. Is this moisturiser for specific skin types?

This moisturiser has a lightweight yet hydrating formula that is suitable for all skin types.

8. What are the key ingredients and how do they work?

Ceramides NP, AP & EOP: Create a protective layer that not only locks in moisture but also prevents dryness and irritation. 
Sodium Hyaluronate: This modification of Hyaluronic Acid is synthesized to sit on the skin for longer, providing a hydrating and conditioning effect. 
Hydrogenated Olive Oil Unsaponifiables - This lipid derived from Olive Oil is extremely beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. It is believed to be 4x more effective than Squalane in providing hydration and nourishment, due to its broader molecule compatibility with skin.

9. Can this also work as a night cream?

Yes! This moisturiser provides ample hydration without feeling too heavy or thick, which makes it suitable for any time of day (or night)!

10. Can this also work as an eye cream?

Take a generous amount and apply under your eyes for the effect of an eye cream.

11. How long will this moisturiser keep my skin hydrated?

This moisturiser can be used day and night, for deep, and highly effective hydration that lasts anywhere from 8-12 hours. The only time you may need to reapply is when the weather is exceptionally dry!

12. Does fragrance affect redness and irritation on my skin?

No, unless you are very sensitive to another ingredient itself, all our fragrances are allergen free and used in quantities of less than 0.4%.

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