Looking back at

A lot happened in 2023! ✨

And it would’ve been impossible without you. Toss the confetti and play the music because we’re unravelling all the fun stuff that happened throughout the year.

Seema from Delhi placed her orders only at 12 A.M. 🕛

Wonder if you are the real-life Cinderella because all your 12 orders in 2023 were at the stroke of midnight!

Neha from Indore became our BIGGEST fan! ✨

We feel your love! You’ve bought each and every product we launched this year. That’s 12 products!

Someone took their vacay goals seriously! ☀️

19 sunscreen purchases through the year? Rohini, you’ve made us proud. Let’s go soaking in the sun some time!

Every minute 1 Vitamin C Serum was off our shelf

Looks like a lot of you had ultra-glowing skin as your New Year resolution - a total of 525600 of you.

Have you met Lopa, our friendliest Front Foxer?

Hi Lopa! Yes, you! You replied to each of our messages this year with a “Hi friend, how are you doing?” We’re good!

Ayesha from Bangalore went on a moisturizer overload!

When we said B2G2, Ayesha said MORE so she stocked up just a little extra. She got not 2, not 4 but 16 moisturizers!

The most search product award goes to…

The Super Glow Moisturizer! Just when it went out of stock, our website recorded 13,636 searches! Safe to say you’re glow-obsessed.

Some of you were left asking for more!

Aashna reached out to our Customer Delight team multiple times telling us how she now has a collection of 13 wooden combs. We hear you and we’ve got something special for you at the end of the page.

Last, but not least Romita named Entrepreneur of the Year by Forbes 30 Under 30

The celebration and cheer at the Foxtale HQ were infectious - no one deserves it more! 🧡

Before we bid adieu, we want to wish you a very Happy New Year! 🎇

You’ve made our year, but more than anything, you’ve been the backbone of this ever-growing community. Here’s a special something for you!
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