Sensitive Skin Squad

Retinol Night Serum + Hydrating Moisturiser

All the benefits of retinol without any breakouts, purging or redness
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Sensitive Skin Squad

Retinol Night Serum + Hydrating Moisturiser

All the benefits of retinol without any breakouts, purging or redness
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Why Choose This Combo

This is the ‘ultimate saviour for sensitive + ageing skin’

Deeply hydrates and strengthens skin barrier. This duo that is great for ageing skin, improves skin’s sensitivity over time, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Try this duo for 4-5 weeks and feel your skin's sensitivity improve gradually.

Retinol Night Serum

Retinol Night Serum

It is powered with encapsulated retinol that seeps deep into the skin and works 2X faster than others, this night serum also ensures zero purging
Hydrating Moisturiser

Hydrating Moisturiser

It is packed with 3 ceramides (AP, NP, EOP) that strengthen the skin barrier and also calm any irritation caused by external stressors as it’s powered by Hyaluronic Acid.
Usage Details
Usage Details

Acts as a carrier system that releases and activates the retinol molecule in deeper layers of your skin. It’s capable of altering the behaviour of aged cells, improving collagen production to modify skin texture, boosting radiance, and treating the signs of ageing 2X faster compared to other Retinol serums.


It reduces wrinkles to reveal smooth, firm, and radiant skin by improving skin oxygenation and building skin proteins.


It is a moisturizing agent that soothes the skin, decreases itching along with helping shed dead skin cells.


A Hyaluronic Acid derivative that can penetrate the topmost layer of your skin for deeper hydration.


They hold the skin together and form a protective layer to help prevent moisture loss and defend against environmental stressors.


It’s said to be 4x more effective than Squalane in providing hydration and nourishment.

Must Use When
Must Use When


1. Can you use retinol with Vitamin C?

No. Though retinol and vitamin C should absolutely be part of your daily skincare routine. You must avoid using retinol and vitamin C together as they could irritate your skin. Hence, we recommend using retinol only at night and Vitamin C during the day.

2. How long should you wait to apply moisturiser after retinol?

Retinol is an ingredient that should be left to absorb sufficiently into the skin before following up with a moisturiser. Therefore, it is essential to wait at least 3-5 minutes before applying the moisturiser.

3. Can retinol be used in the daytime or when going out in the sun?

No. Retinol makes your skin sensitive to UV rays. So, avoid using it during the day and always follow it with sunscreen in the morning. Our Foxtale serum is meant to be used as a night serum.

4. Which is the best moisturiser for sensitive skin?

When it comes to skincare, having sensitive skin limits your options somewhat. Foxtale’s hydrating moisturiser helps you achieve your skin goals and reduce sensitivity over time. Enriched with ceramides- NP, AP & EOP heals the skin barrier and creates the perfect base for applying Retinol.