7 skincare trends that will define 2023

7 skincare trends that will define 2023

  • By Romita Mazumdar
From the focus on skin barrier repair to the rise of sustainability among brands, here are our take on the skincare trends to watch out for in 2023.
Every year we all see new trends popping up in the beauty industry, especially skincare. We saw the pandemic influencing a plethora of skincare trends in 2021, from Maskne skincare treatments to DIY nails at home. One skincare trend that stood out the most was the practice of skinimalism, which also caused a major shift in the way skincare brands diversified their range.

This coming year is no different and we are so excited to hop on the journey of new skincare trends of 2022! Care to join us?

7 Skincare Trends For 2023

1.Focus on barrier repair

In the last few years, we saw a bunch of people trying to jump on the trend of chemical exfoliation. However, with the hope of fast results, people used to over-exfoliate their skin and that resulted in damage to the skin barrier.

But this year is all about focusing on less aggressive yet fast-acting results skincare, nourishing the skin’s barrier and maintaining healthy, happy skin. A few years back there were little to no brands that focused on barrier repair ingredients, but now people will choose to support brands that come out with skincare with ingredients such as Ceramides, Panthenol, and Centella Asiatica.

Ceramides are essential in a skincare routine, whether you have a compromised skin barrier or not. Our Ceramide Supercream Moisturizer will be a great addition to your skincare routine. It not only boosts barrier strength but also reverses the impact of pollution damage on the skin, which we all will need in the coming years.

We can proudly say that 2022 will be the year that would bring to us a brighter hope. Because this year is bringing with it, a delightful trend, focus on skin barrier repair!

2.Skincare backed by science

The new generation of skincare addicts are curious and they make informed decisions. They believe in the power of science and will therefore turn towards brands that are science-driven. The advances in the medical industry have made consumers aware of the science behind ingredients. And they would expect the same from brands.

We at Foxtale strongly believe that science-driven skincare is going to be a huge trend in 2022. And we want to make sure that our customers feel safe and confident while using our products. This is why our CoverUp Sunscreen is clinically tested and the efficacy results are mentioned on our website.

3.Taking care of skin instead of covering it

Another huge skincare trend that will dominate the beauty industry is taking care of skin instead of covering it. Makeup was a hit in the early 2010s where the focus was on hiding dark circles and acne with layers of foundation, colour correction, and concealer. However, the focus in 2022 has now shifted to a good, pre-makeup skincare routine, minimal makeup looks and healthy complexion of the skin.

4.Sunscreen with added benefits

Sunscreen will continue to be in huge demand throughout 2022 and the years to come because thanks to aestheticians and skinfluencers, people have realized its importance and they now see it as essential.

However, what’s going to become a huge hit is a sunscreen with broader benefits such as protection from the harmful UV rays and blue light emitted from screens. People will look for more specialized sunscreen as blue light protection disrupts the skin cell regeneration process and hence, affects the overall health of the skin.

5.Open and transparent skincare

People nowadays make very well informed decisions when it comes to choosing a skincare product. They have become well educated and will look for brands that communicate openly and have transparency among their products in 2022.

We at Foxtale understand the concern and hence, we are on a mission to drive as much transparency about what is in your skincare routine. Our little Ingredient Glossary is there to help you become aware of each ingredient that we use in the products that you apply. We did the research so that you don’t have to!

6.No more fear-mongering of fragrance in skincare

Fragrance in skincare- this has always been a hot topic in the skincare industry. People enjoy wearing fragrances in general, but they try to avoid them in skincare. So does that mean fragrance is bad?

There is no denying the magical powers of a sensorial experience in inducing feelings of energy, calmness or even relaxation. However, fragrance has gotten a generalized bad rep lately for causing allergic reactions and irritation to the skin. But the truth is, a large majority of folks don’t experience any reactions and they can safely use products with fragrance. And this is what is going to be a trend this year. A study has shown that only 1-16% of the unselected population happens to be fragrance sensitive. So, if you are using a product with fragrance for the first time, patch test to see whether your skin reacts to it or not.

Additionally, there is a whole realm of allergen free fragrances that remains unnoticed. Fragrance companies now include options for fragrances that are free of certain allergens that tend to cause reactions and certified allergen free by global regulatory bodies such as the European Commission.

7.The rise of sustainability

People have become aware of the importance of skincare that is sustainable and that is what’s going to be trending in 2022. Consumers will support brands that have eco-friendly packaging or they have programmes that turn empties into pieces that can be reused or recycled. Basically, the idea is to give back to the environment as much as possible.

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