Are Peptides really worth the hype? What are they exactly?

Are Peptides really worth the hype? What are they exactly?

  • By Romita Mazumdar

Peptides is steadily becoming a popular skincare ingredient. But is it really good? Let’s find out all about its benefits and different uses to make the most out of them.

Peptides have increasingly become a common ingredient in many skincare products. If you closely take a look at your serums, moisturizers and even face washes, you would find these listed among the ingredients. But what are Peptides?

The latest buzzword in the world of cosmetology, many brands are coming up with their take on this miracle ingredient. At Foxtale, we take a step ahead to help you understand the ingredients we put in your beloved products better. So, here’s some information tit-bits to help you understand what you are putting on your skin.

What are Peptides exactly? 

Peptides are signaling molecules that help to send messages cell by cell. They can instigate the process of creating collagen and anti-ageing elastane proteins as you age. Hence, they are often found in products that promise to improve the overall skin texture and help to retain its elasticity. They are gentle and do not make the skin photosensitive, making them a safe product for most skin types.

What can Peptides do for your skin? 

Topically applied peptides get absorbed in the skin quickly and accelerate the rejuvenation mode of your skin. They come in broad categories like signal, carrier, enzyme inhibitor and neurotransmitter, each type has a different purpose, though there are many products where several types are combined for multipurpose benefits. Here are some specific benefits you can experience from regular use of peptide-enriched products:

  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles as it can help to boost collagen production and improve skin elasticity
  • Peptides reduce skin irritation and inflammation as they are very gentle and soothing for the skin
  • The overall tautness and elasticity of the skin are improved

Who can use Peptides in skincare?

Although anyone can use Peptides, they are most suited for mature skin or someone whose skin is showing early signs of aging. Also, someone with sensitive skin will find peptide-rich products particularly soothing. As it firms the skin with time, the signs of aging slow down and you get vibrant skin texture.

Are Peptides worth the hype?

Peptides have recently started trending though they have been in use for cosmetics and skincare for quite some time. Whether you are young or mature, peptides can indeed help you to get healthier skin with time. A peptide-rich product like our Cover Up Sunscreen is suited for all ages. Moreover, its adjunctive ingredients like Niacinamide, Vitamin E and B5 protects your skin, evens it out, and works on dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

While many ingredients claim to reverse the sign of aging, peptides inhibit accelerated aging thus ensuring a younger appearance. Whether it is worth the hype is dependent largely on the users.

But it can be concluded that they have almost no side effects and only positive things to contribute. The peptide is indeed an ingredient worth including in your skincare routine in the long run.

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