best skincare for dry skin in monsoon

The Best Skincare Routine For Dry Skin In Monsoon

  • By Srishty Singh

The arrival of monsoon serves as a much-needed respite from the heat. But let’s not discount the flurry of challenges it brings forth for the skin. The excessive humidity in the air zaps the moisture from the dermis, making dry skin – parched! It further leads to flakiness, itchiness and an uncomfortable sense of tautness that won’t budge. To steer clear of these issues this season, Foxtale is bringing you a foolproof skincare routine for dry skin. Keep scrolling to enjoy the rain without a care.

Before we get to this routine, a refresher on the dry skin type couldn’t hurt.

What Is Dry Skin?

Dry skin happens when the dermis loses water quickly leading to dehydration. Several factors ranging from extreme temperatures to ageing to the environment can lead to your skin appearing scaly or flaky on the outside.

 Why Do I Need A Different Skincare Routine For Dry Skin?

Skincare is not a one-size-fits-all all formula. This is why, the upkeep and maintenance of dry skin demands different rituals twice a day. We recommend a simple yet effective CSMS routine with the best face products for dry skin on Foxtale – our key focus being on moisturisation.

 Why Moisturisation Is Extremely Important For Dry Skin?

Moisturisation forms a protective layer on the dermis, preventing TEWL. This integral step in your routine preserves the moisture reservoir of the dermis (or hydration), making it appear soft and radiant throughout.

 The Best Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Rain or shine, our step-by-step guide tailored to dry skin will help you achieve your long-term and short-term skincare goals.

1. Cleanse X 2: There is a lot of debate around cleansing twice daily for the dry skin type. To dispel all clouds of confusion, once and for all – you cannot skimp on the cleanser in your AM/PM ritual. Even dry skin is prone to attracting dust, debris, and pollutants throughout the day, regardless of the season. A potent cleanser dislodges this build-up to reveal a brighter, smoother surface. At night, a cleanser ensures better absorption for treatments, leading to repair and rejuvenation of the skin.

Foxtale Recommends: Hydrating Cleanser with Hyaluronic Acid

This product ticks all of these boxes and more. Formulated for the dry skin type, this face wash carries Sodium Hyaluronate to hydrate the skin. Additionally, it also offsets episodes of irritation or redness that dry skin may experience.

2.  Hydrating Serums: Since dry skin is prone to dehydration in monsoon, a Hydrating Serum is a must-have. For the unversed, a serum carries the highest concentration of an active ingredient (like Hyaluronic Acid, in this case) that seeps into the deepest layers of your skin.

Foxtale Recommends: Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid 

This creamy serum contains 6 Hydration Boosters that keep your skin’s moisture barrier intact for 24 hours. Dubbed the holy grail for anti-ageing, the serum softens fine lines, and wrinkles while making your skin plump and soft almost instantly. If you experience underlying sensitivities due to extreme skin dryness (in monsoon), this nifty little bottle should be on your radar. It alleviates inflammation, redness, and rashes within ten minutes of application.

3. Revive With Moisturisation: As touched upon earlier, a moisturizer boasting emollients, occlusives and humectants forms a protective barrier atop the dermis. This step in your skincare prevents TEWL, ensuring your skin’s soft appearance that is shy of texture.

Foxtale Recommends: Hydrating Moisturizer with Ceramides 

Infused with Sodium Hyluaronate Crosspolymer and Olive Oil, Foxtale’s Hydrating Moisturiser ensures 4x hydration to the skin. The dreamy cream banishes dark patches and uneven texture while also upholding your skin’s barrier. Additionally, Ceramides and Vitamin E in this formulation sit on the dermis, warding off free radicals and pollutants.

4. SPF On A Rainy Day?

If you steer clear of sunscreen on a rainy day, this one's for you. Unfortunately, harmful UVA and UVB radiation can penetrate the thickest band of clouds – making you susceptible to photoaging, pigmentation and more.

Foxtale Recommends: Dewy Sunscreen

The mighty sun never takes a break, even when it rains. So turn to Foxtale’s Dewy Sunscreen this season. This lightweight, no-white cast formula shields your skin against detrimental UVA and UVB radiations while giving it a gorgeous dewy effect. Talk about a win-win.

 Tips To Take Care Of Dry Skin During Monsoon

1. Avoid Hot Showers: As tempting as it may be, avoid hot showers at all costs. For the uninitiated, hot water zaps every last molecule of water from your skin, making it drier.

2. Exfoliate Twice A Week: The rainy season can make your skin appear dull. To combat this concern, use a gentle exfoliant twice a week. Foxtale’s AHA BHA Exfoliating Serum sloughs off dead-dead and debris to reveal the smooth, brighter surface sitting underneath.

3. Balanced Diet: Yes – we can’t stress enough the need for hydration in the monsoon. Not just in your daily skincare but also in your diet. Experts recommend having 8 glasses of water daily, green, leafy veggies, antioxidants, nuts, fruits and more for a healthy microbiome.


1. What happens to dry skin during the monsoon?

Ans) The never-ending humidity in the air zaps moisture from the skin, making it look dry and flaky.

2. How can I treat my dry skin during this monsoon?

Ans) Stick to this simple yet effective skincare routine to uphold your skin’s health this monsoon. Cleanse with Foxtale’s Hydrating Face Wash and follow it with 2 to 3 pumps of our Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. Once the serum absorbs into the skin, apply a generous layer of Foxtale’s Hydrating Moisturizer to seal the water content. For sun protection around the clock, we recommend our innovative Dewy Sunscreen.

3. What moisturizer is best in this monsoon?

Ans) For dry skin, the Hydrating Moisturizer with Ceramide is the ideal choice. It carries Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer and Olive Oil for sustained hydration to the skin. Moreover, Ceramides and Vitamin E in the formula, form a protective barrier on the dermis – shielding it from aggressors, pollutants, and free radicals.

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