Know Why you Should opt for a Paraben Free Skincare Routine!

Know Why you Should opt for a Paraben Free Skincare Routine!

 Parabens are a category of preservatives that are used in a variety of skincare products. Read more to know about this chemical and its effects.

 “Our products are paraben free.” “They do not contain so and so chemicals.” You must have come across these statements from your favorite skincare brands, especially during the last 5-6 years where the trend of using toxic-free products has garnered a lot of attention all over the world. Even when we enter a beauty store loaded with products, it is instinctive to check the ingredients. We often come across the ingredient “paraben” that seems to permeate all types of skincare and beauty products. 

It is obvious we might not be aware of all the ingredients that are contained in a product, and there is always the familiar anxiety about whether we did the right thing in buying that product. With different claims from brands, it is a dire necessity to understand the ingredients better. But there’s nothing to worry about as we are here to provide you with all the information you need to know about Parabens and why “Paraben free” products have taken the world by storm! 

What are Parabens?

Parabens are preservatives that are synthetic chemicals used to increase the shelf life of beauty products. They prevent any kind of bacterial and fungal growth in beauty and skincare products. But then if they are so important, why are people shifting towards Paraben-free skincare?

Recently, many have proven that parabens can harm all skin types in the longer run. The primary debate is its close association with triggering diseases like breast cancer due to prolonged exposure to the chemical. Moreover, they have harmful effects on the environment as well. Thus, many brands shift towards creating products free of parabens.

How are parabens bad for our skin?

Now that you have some surface-level knowledge about Parabens, we need to jump onto the next crucial part. How is it exactly bad for the skin? Given below are a few reasons why Parabens are not the safest option for your skin. 

  • Cancer formation

There is some evidence that parabens can imitate the effects of estrogen, which has also been connected to the development of cancer and infertility. This raised concerns since it demonstrated that parabens, which are commonly found in personal care products, can enter our body tissues and stay there rather than just sitting on the skin. Due to these observations, parabens may be able to cause the development of cancer. 

  • Irritation 

Using products containing Parabens can cause the skin to become sensitive and prone to allergies. Regular exposure to Parabens can thus cause the skin to become irritated. 

  • Easy absorption 

Parabens can enter the skin very rapidly and easily get absorbed into the skin, which over time might be harmful.

What should you use instead?

Alternatives to Parabens

There are different naturally derived and milder alternatives to parabens that are used by brands these days. Look for any of these ingredients in your beauty product to ensure it is free of parabens.


It is a synthetic preservative derived from ethyl alcohol. It is a food additive and can be used for cosmetic preservation as well. It is considered a safe alternative as it is a food-grade additive.

2.Sodium benzoate

Sodium benzoate is widely used in salads, jams, and other types of eatables. It is natural and is considered a very safe preservative for all types of eatables. As a result, it is widely considered an alternative to parabens as well in cosmetics.

Oils and herbs

Oils and herbs are natural preservatives but they are not as effective as parabens. They can keep away bacteria and other microorganisms. However, the shelf-life of products with such preservatives is not as long.

If you’re looking to incorporate paraben-free skincare, you are at the right place. Here is a minimal skincare routine that you as well as your skin can enjoy:

In conclusion

When it comes to skin, it deserves the best. Now that you’re aware of Parabens and their potential harm, it is important for you as a consumer to research well before buying a product. As a consumer, you must be well aware and make conscious decisions when it comes to skincare. With so much information available, learning about the ingredients listed on the labels of our beauty products is simple. While the long-term impacts of Parabens are still being researched, in the end, it's our own decision to choose the right skincare. 


1.How do parabens affect the skin?

Particularly on delicate or flaky skin, parabens can cause skin irritation and allergic responses. According to studies, parabens can be more inflammatory for people who already have psoriasis, eczema, or a history of contact dermatitis.

2.Are parabens cancerous?

The mechanisms of healthy breast cells can be impacted by parabens, which may also influence their abnormal growth and raise the risk of breast cancer. Several studies suggest that parabens may mimic estrogen and, as a result, promote breast cell growth.

3.Is paraben-free better?

Although many beauty products contain preservatives in one way or the other to make them have a longer shelf life, it is a safe option to use Paraben-free products. The label "paraben-free" is used to reassure customers that these toxic chemicals aren't present in the product's formulation. 

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