What if you were to have a date night and you awoke the next morning with a raging red eruption on your cheek? If you suffer from hormonal acne, you'll relate to it! It's inconvenient to deal with sudden eruptions, but you can easily avoid them by taking good care of your skin. Show off your clear skin whenever you want because you’re going to have the key to controlling hormonal acne. Learn everything about hormonal acne and how to treat it in this article.


What is hormonal acne & What causes it?


Hormonal acne occurs when the body's hormones are out of balance, resulting in sudden breakouts of acne. They are most commonly seen in adolescents, but they have been documented in adults as old as 50. An allergic reaction to new skincare or makeup product, a sudden change in diet due to eating too much spicy or oily food, or even changes in the environment can trigger hormonal acne. Some of the most common causes of hormonal acne include:

  • PCOS- Excessive generation of male hormones leads to acne among PCOS patients
  • Stress- Hormones fluctuate when you are stressed, leading to hormonal acne
  • Menopause- Several hormone productions are naturally diminished causing a disbalance
  • Medications- Some medicines like birth control pills can disrupt the usual hormonal balance


How to know if you have hormonal acne?


Unlike the usual acne, there are specific symptoms of hormonal acne. You can recognize the signs easily by observing the following:

  • Excess sebum- Overproduction of sebum happens due to hormonal fluctuations. This in turn clogs the pores and leads to hormonal acne
  • Area-specific breakout- The hormonal acnes tend to appear the most in T-zone, jawline, and cheeks
  • Periodical breakout- When you get acne in a specific pattern and at a regular interval, it is indicative that they are caused by hormonal changes
  • Painful cysts- Hormonal acne can appear as painful cysts. They have a sac-like pocket filled with pus. They are rooted deeper in the skin and hence get painful


How to fix hormonal acne?


Luckily, dealing with hormonal acne is all about using the correct products and having a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips that are tried and tested against hormonal acne:

  1. Cleansing at least twice a day is essential to prevent hormonal acne. The excess sebum gets washed away before they clog the pores. But make sure to use a cleanser that doesn’t strip off the natural oils off your skin. A mild yet effective cleanser like the Foxtale Daily Duet Facewash is the perfect solution to keep your skin hydrated while cleansing.
  2. Use a lightweight moisturizer like the Foxtale Ceramide Supercream Moisturizer which is enriched with fatty acids and ceramides to keep your skin barrier healthy.
  3. To make sure your skin is well-protected from the sun and free radical damage, incorporate an antioxidant-rich vitamin c serum along with a sunscreen.
  4. Follow a healthy diet. Avoid junk food or excess oil and spices in your food. Fruits and vegetables must be included instead. Also, drink enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated internally.
  5. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day at the proper time and soundly. Avoid screen time right before bed or anything that can get stressful.


In short, your lifestyle and skincare practices define the flawlessness of your skin. You can only maintain the glow and radiance when you are taking all possible precautions against hormonal acne.