PSA: Your regular summer skincare routine may not cut it for the winter anymore.

What is the skin barrier and what happens when it breaks down?

Summer in most parts of India means your skincare likely took the lightweight route. Your haircare switched to anti-frizz products only, and your makeup took a more long-wear, waterproof direction. But the seasons, they are a-changin’. In some parts of the country, the temps are going to dip soon, with bright sunny days and dry heat becoming the norm. While in others, it’s going to get chilly, smoggy and dull. You’ll want to plan your newer, tweaked skincare routine with small swaps that’ll help you prevent blotchy, irritated, acne-prone transitional skin. Here’s what to try now.

Double cleanse the grime

High humidity tends to result in more sebum production and sweat, leading to clogged pores and breakouts. If you’re dealing with leftover breakouts and scarring, you’ll want to make sure to double cleanse to get rid of all the grime without over-drying your skin. Use an oil cleanser to sop up oil and sweat buildup, and then go in with a gel cleanser to dislodge any long-wear makeup and pollution. If you find your skin getting dull during this change in weather, double cleanser brightens your visage and sloughs away dead skin cells that don’t reflect light, leaving a layer of newer, brighter cells on the top.

Make sure to exfoliate

Does your skin get dramatically dry as the humidity plummets? Give your strong exfoliators (like acids and retinoids) a break, and use a light, super fine scrub to get rid of dry skin cells that settle on the surface.

Scared of exfoliation? Totally normal. We created a simple guide on how to incorporate exfoliators into your routine here!

Don’t forget sunscreen

For those that live in places where the temperatures will dip, it isn’t an excuse to let up on your sunscreen application. UVA rays don’t get any lower even when it’s colder, so it is recommended to wear SPF daily to prevent cumulative sun exposure and the resulting discoloration, fine lines, pigmentation, wrinkles and even skin cancer.

Switch your moisturiser for the weather

Have you been using a lightweight, barely-there moisturiser through the last few months? You might want to pick a night cream that is slightly thicker, creamier and more nutritive as the weather gets drier. Look to ceramides and fatty alcohols—they aid in the protection of the skin barrier, which can break down when things get dry and colder. In the day, add hydrating ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid and squalane to prevent transepidermal moisture loss and seal them into the skin.

Monsoon to fall skincare routine, dry weather skincare, thick moisturiser

Use antioxidants

No matter the temperature, the skin gets attacked by free radicals, which causes the breakdown of collagen, premature fine lines and pigmentation. To prevent the damage, it is best to use an alcohol-free antioxidant product, like a Vitamin C serum, to brighten and protect.

Protect your lips

The skin on your lip doesn’t have oil glands, so it dries out the fastest, especially as the humidity levels plummet and the temps get colder. For best results, use a fine lip scrub to remove any flakes and dry skin, and then apply a hyaluronic acid or glycerin-based lip balm or mask. Seal it all in with a lip oil or petroleum jelly to prevent any further moisture loss.

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