difference between dewy finish and matte finish sunscreen

Know the Difference between Dewy Finish and Matte Finish Sunscreen!


Matte sunscreens are known to give a matte look to the face while dewy sunscreens are generally created to make the skin moisturized, glowy, and reflect light. 

Just as you begin to understand the value of wearing sunscreen, you become aware of its wide variety. Utilizing a sunscreen created specifically for the skin type is crucial because every person's skin is unique. If you're interested in learning which sunscreen is the best for your skin, keep reading the post!

What’s dewy sunscreen?

Sunscreens with a dewy finish are created for people with normal to dry skin. They typically have a lotion-like texture designed to leave the skin with a dewy sheen. Dewy sunscreen infuses moisture into the skin and makes it radiant. Niacinamide and other vital vitamins are present in the dewy finish sunscreen and aid in shielding the skin from UVA and UVB rays. This aids in minimizing and preventing the effects of radical damage. 

How to use dewy sunscreen?

Step 1- Cleanse your face with a hydrating face wash that is gentle and hydrating.

Step 2- Moisturize your skin

Step 3- Take 2 fingers worth of the CoverUp Sunscreen and apply it to your face and neck.

Step 4- Wait for 20-30 minutes before stepping out.

What’s matte finish sunscreen?

Is a lightweight sunscreen on your Wishlist? Undoubtedly, a mattifying sunscreen will keep your skin concerns at bay. It rapidly penetrates the skin and hydrates it. It effectively wards off UVA+UVB radiation and repairs free radical damage to the skin. For oily and combination skin, this is ideal. 

They are known to be lightweight and are really easy to apply to the skin. The sunscreen that guarantees the ideal matte finish, is lightweight, and has moisturizing properties is the best matte sunscreen. 

How to use Matte sunscreen?

Step 1- Dry off your face, neck, and hands.

Step 2- Toner and moisturizer should be applied to your face.

Step 3- Take 2 fingers worth of the CoverUp Sunscreen and apply it to your face and neck

Step 4- Massage it well until the sunscreen is completely absorbed into your skin.

What is the exact difference between them?

Matte sunscreen

Dewy sunscreen

Perfect for combination to oily skin 

Perfect for normal to dry skin

Gives a mattifying finish to the face

Gives a glow and a shiny finish to the skin

Main purpose is to reduce oil visibility and sebum production.

Main purpose is to provide hydration to the skin


1.How to know which skin is suitable for matte and dewy finish sunscreen? 

If your skin is oily, mattifying sunscreen will be the most suitable. While dewy sunscreen will work wonders for you if you have dry skin! 

2.How many times should we apply sunscreen?

In general, sunscreen needs to be reapplied every two hours, particularly after swimming or sweating. You might not need a second application if you work inside and are seated away from windows.

3.Which is better dewy or matte sunscreen?

Both sunscreens are known to tackle different skin concerns. Depending on your skin type, you can select the sunscreen of your choice.

4.How do I choose the right sunscreen?

Choose a sunscreen that has a sun protection factor(SPF) between 15 to 25+ as it will protect your skin from sun exposure. Along with that, avoid choosing a sunscreen that is greasy or sticky as it will cause your skin to sweat easily.

The conclusion- 

Both dewy and mattifying sunscreens can be useful depending on your skin issue. The key line is that, regardless of the one you choose, it's crucial to reapply it every 2-3 hours to maximize its efficacy.

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