Know how Serums can Work Miracles

Know how Serums can Work Miracles

  • By Anindita Biswas

Serums can work miracles. But not without a proper Cleanser-Moisturizer-Sunscreen routine. Check how Serums work like a miracle 


Every day in the world of skincare there is a new product or ingredient that takes consumers by storm. Serums come and go, the hype around their ingredients waxes and wanes and consumers either stick to them with all their might or let go when something better comes along. There is no refuting the miracles serums can bring to troubled skin, whether it is reducing acne, clearing pigmentation or giving a radiant, lit-from-within glow to those blessed with unproblematic skin. But much like the structural integrity of a building comes from its base, the core of healthy skin lies staunchly within a healthy skin barrier. 

Clean skin, clear pores, optimal hydration and regulated oil production are the base for everything else that goes atop. It is also what lies at the bottom of all the effort that goes into maintaining healthy skin. Keeping your skin clean - whether it is by means of removing sunscreen and makeup or getting rid of the (harmful) oils that accumulate along with pollution through the day - is the secret to keeping it clear as well. A simple, solid, non-stripping face wash is the answer to getting rid of all the dirt, grime and bacteria that accumulates through the day.

As much as one may try, the dirt, debris and grime are bound to find their way into the skin through the day. This could mean excess production of (unhealthy) oils, or resistance to retain moisture. Contrary to connotations made by the name, a moisturizer does more than just “moisturize” the skin. Primarily, it balances the oil-water ratio on the surface of the skin, preventing it from over-drying and becoming sensitive and also from overproducing oil that can cause acne. Skipping a moisturizer can cause sebum imbalance in your skin, which can lead to excess oil production and clogged pores. 

Finally, exposure to sunlight and consequent photodamage can cause 90% of visible changes to the skin. Granted that it is fairly inescapable, the effort lies in preventative measures that can help control or reverse the damage caused and de-accelerate premature aging. For the nth time, there is no match for the protection and nourishment the right sunscreen can provide. Wearing sunscreen regularly is the best way to protect the skin, across varying ages, skin types and skin health. A lesser known fact is that sunscreen is the best way to avoid dark spots, pigmentation and an uneven skin tone. 

While some skin issues can be attributed to several factors that may not always be as easy to control, well begun is half done. Strong, resilient basics in your skincare routine ensure that your skin remains strong and resilient to external aggressors too. Anything else you choose to add to your basics will then be just a bonus! 

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