The Ultimate Pre-Bridal Skincare Guide

The Ultimate Pre-Bridal Skincare Guide

  • By Romita Mazumdar

Have a big occasion coming up? You’ll want to prep your skin to be ready for it. Here are bridal skincare tips to get you through the wedding season blemish-free! 

POV: It’s your big day (or your best friend’s, sister’s, or cousin’s wedding weekend), you’ve likely already figured out your outfits, planned your makeup looks, and prepped your body for three full days of dancing. With so many things on your plate right now, skincare might not be on your priority list. But prepping your skin is just as important—how you treat it in the run-up, as well as the morning of, will show up in your final look. If you want to look as radiant as Alia Bhatt or Anushka Sharma did on their wedding day, we have curated just the perfect tips you can use to achieve the most flawless bridal glow ever seen. 

Figure out what you’re looking for 

If you’re a bride-to-be and you’re not sure where to start, you must be receiving a lot of advice from everyone (be it relatives, friends, and whatnot). While this may seem overwhelming, it is best to make an appointment with a dermatologist or aesthetician to discuss what your wedding day skin is. They’ll be able to get you on the right regimen, and you’ll have a ritual that you can follow.

If you’re a wedding guest, the stakes are pretty high too. You’ll have the photos forever, and with all the different makeup looks you’ll be trying, you’ll want to have your skin being the perfect base. As opposed to just purchasing every product you can to get glowing skin, take some time to figure out exactly what you’re looking for. Is it reducing acne? Do you desperately need to hydrate your skin? Do you need to work on anti-ageing? Answering these questions will help you take the steps you need. 

Allow for enough time before starting a new product

Whenever you are trying out a new product like retinol or salicylic acid, you’ll want to add it to your routine 3-4 months before the big weekend. Your skin needs to get used to the ingredient you’ve picked. Foxtale's Retinol anti ageing night serum is the perfect tool for brightened, firmer, and more taut skin. Additionally, you can sandwich the ingredient with a soothing pick like the Ceramide Moisturizer to strengthen your skin barrier and get the best results from both products. 


You’ll want to find an acid that works for what you need. AHAs (or alpha hydroxy acids) can improve cell turnover and provide great results when it comes to dullness, acne, or texture issues. BHAs (or beta hydroxy acids) break down the bonds between dead skin cells, so they can be swept away. The result? Glowy skin (the one you’re manifesting). 

Look for ingredients that’ll brighten

Glowing or dewy skin is on your bucket list and do you know what will help you achieve it? Foxtale’s  C For Yourself Vitamin C Serum — it’s the hero we all root for. Not only is it good for most skin types but also helps with pigmentation, reducing free radical damage, brightening the skin, and boosting collagen production. It upgrades your skin's natural regeneration process, which helps your body repair damaged skin cells. If you’re new to the ingredient, start using it a couple of months before the wedding weekend. On the day of, use Vitamin C along with hydrating agents like hyaluronic acid to create the perfect canvas for your makeup. P.S. Never forget the sunscreen!

Stop spots in their tracks

Getting a pimple on your D-day is nothing short of a nightmare. If you have pimples that have just popped up, tackle your trouble spots by using a drying lotion with salicylic acid like Foxtale’s Acne spot corrector gel which helps in your fight against acne, it unclogs pores and cleans them deeply, and decreases sebum production leading to fewer breakouts. To prevent your skin from drying out, make sure to layer the Ceramide SuperCream Moisturizer along with the spot treatment to protect the skin from peeling or redness.

Make your skin the perfect canvas

The ideal base for makeup is hydrated, firm, and supple skin, so your makeup artist can focus on enhancing your features rather than concealing and correcting them. Look for ingredients that’ll hydrate and balance your skin, especially ones that’ll support your natural skin barrier.

Your skin needs pampering and Foxtale’s Hyaluronic acid serum will do just that. It makes your skin plumper and reduces uneven skin tone, giving you a perfect canvas for your makeup. 

Hydrate yourself 

Weddings though fun can be super stressful and during times like these, we can easily forget to hydrate ourselves. Hydrating yourself, especially during such busy times can do wonders for both our skin and body. Ensure you have at least 2-3 litres of water everyday to get the radiant glow and shine you want on your wedding day. 

Integrate CTMP

It stands for cleanse, treat, moisturize and protect. No matter how busy or worn out you may be in the mornings and at night, do not neglect these four steps. Cleansing your face is crucial because it helps remove all the dirt and grime that accumulates there during the day. Foxtale’s hydrating facewash is a deeply hydrating cleanser that emulsifies to remove makeup, unclogs pores, and gets rid of dirt and sebum gently.

When it comes to treating your skin, it deserves the best. Foxtale’s Eye candy firming gel visibly reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. It won't clog your pores and will firm the under-eye.

The next essential item in your pre-bridal skincare regimen is a moisturizer, which you should use both at night and during the day in order to lock in moisture to give skin that's supple, radiant, and soft. To protect your skin, it is important to use sunscreen that will protect you from sun damage and reveal healthier skin. Foxtale’s matte finish sunscreen is perfect for oily and acne-prone skin while the dewy sunscreen will suit normal to dry skin.  


Weddings are considered to be one of the most important days of your life and achieving the perfect skin will be the extra cherry on top. Taking extra care of your skin and yourself is a key step to achieving the skin of your dreams. So sit back, relax and follow the right routine that will help you achieve youthful and radiant skin! 

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