Your skincare routine isn’t cutting it anymore? This might be the reason!

Your Skincare Routine isn’t Cutting it Anymore? This might be the Reason!


People complain that their skincare stopped working for them after a while. Does this happen to you as well? Let’s find out the reasons and what you can do to fix it.

Imagine this: You went on a few dates with this person and at first it was all butterflies in the stomach and you thought you loved them. But then, you hit rock bottom and you realize the relationship isn’t working out anymore! This is exactly what might happen with your skincare routine or products as well. They may stop working or worse, make you break out after a while. But why does this happen? Let’s find out the reasons why your skincare isn’t working and what you can do to fix it.

Reasons why your skincare is no longer working

1 Your skin has become used to it

When you start using a new product and it works by giving you a radiant and healthy glow, you continue to use it religiously to attain those results. But then once your skin is adapted to that glow and has reached its optimum level, you feel like it’s not working anymore. This may sound weird at first but it’s very common among people. Here, you don’t necessarily have to toss out your skincare! You can keep them aside for some time and try something else. Also, it’s a good idea to change your products every few months to keep the spark alive.

2 It may be the changing weather

The weather conditions and the environmental factors play a pivotal role in influencing your skincare routine. When humidity levels are low, even oily skin types can experience dryness and dehydration. As a result, this can lead you to think that your lightweight moisturizer isn’t cutting it anymore and you may find the need to add hydrating serums and heavier creams to banish the dryness. Hence, switching up your skincare routine and products according to the weather is necessary.

If you are confused about whether you should wear a lightweight moisturizer or facial oil on a certain day, consider the clothing you are going to pick on that day! If you feel like wearing light, breathable fabric, go for a lightweight moisturizer and sunscreen. If you reach out for woolen clothing, it’s time to up your moisturizing routine.

3 Your skincare may be close to its expiry

If it has been a while since you have been applying your Vitamin C serum but it has suddenly stopped showing results like before, you must know that it may be close to its expiry. Has your Vitamin C serum changed its color from transparent to yellowish? If it has it’s time to toss it out because it is oxidized and no longer of use.

Expired or contaminated skincare can do more harm than good to your skin. It may even sensitize your skin and damage your skin barrier. Hence, do check your products expiration because that’s the reason it’s not working!

4 You might be using too many new products at one time

If you have introduced a few new products in your skincare routine and you haven’t gotten any results from them, you may think that they aren’t working for you. However, you should know that new skincare takes time to get accustomed to your skin and show results. Give them a fair chance and you may be surprised how well they work for you.

5 There might be too much buildup

Do not expect your skincare to work on your skin if you don’t remove your makeup before sleeping! Cleaning your skin well before applying any skincare is crucial or the build-up will not let your skincare penetrate and work its magic.

The key to cleansing your skin properly is double-cleansing. It makes sure you have a clean slate to work on. You can double cleanse your skin by using an oil/balm cleanser at first and then wash it off with your regular face wash. However, if you want a product that does the job of both, our Daily Duet Face Wash is your perfect match! It can remove your stubborn makeup and deeply cleanse your skin without being harsh. The mindful and skin-loving ingredients don't strip off the natural oils of your face, moreover, they make you look brighter after use.

6 You may not be layering your skincare correctly

No matter how expensive or good products you own and use, if you do not layer them correctly, they won’t be effective. The general rule of thumb is applying your skincare products from thinnest to thickest. This means the lightweight, watery formulation comes first and your heavy, occlusive formulation comes last. Also, don’t just slather products one after the other, give a few, at least 30 seconds, to let the products absorb.

7 Your skin (or hormones) may be changing

Stress, pregnancy, diet, medical conditions or any other lifestyle change can be a triggering point for your hormones, and this can lead you to think that your skincare isn’t working anymore. The best way to deal with this is by identifying the reason for your hormonal changes. If it’s stress, meditation and healthy food can help, but if it’s a medical condition, switching your skincare routine is your best bet.


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