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Beautypreneurship Program

Common FAQs:
Q. Why should you work with Foxtale?

Foxtale has India’s fastest growing skincare community. We do not believe in just handing you a coupon code and leaving you with it. We grow when you grow! So, here are the main benefits of our Beautypreneur program:

  • Be a part of Foxtale’s exclusive community of content creators
  • Receive tips & tricks to grow your content
  • Get exclusive invites to webinars with top industry experts
  • Earn exclusive offers on our product range regularly
  • You get a minimum 20% commission on every purchase from your referral link/coupon code
  • You are also entitled to bonuses once you complete order milestones.
  • Access to gift hampers and exclusive products before launch to top performers!
  • Become a part of our Pan India Lab Trials for every product launch
Q. Why should you recommend Foxtale?

Foxtale is an efficacy-focused D2C skincare brand, with vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and dermatologically tested products. We envision making skincare a joyful experience while providing real, lasting results. Through our efficacious formulations powered by active ingredients, and our community of skincare enthusiasts, we aim to bring these pockets of happiness into everyday life.

Q. How do I see if anyone is buying using my coupon code?

Once you register you have access to your dashboard. Every purchase made using your coupon code or link will reflect on the dashboard along with the entire history of your orders, commission and bonus.

We settle payments at the end of every month.They will be credited to your UPI ID which you had provided while getting onboarded.

Q.Do I get a free product when I start with the program?

Absolutely yes. We send products to creators when you are onboard. Our team will reach out to you in case you qualify for a free product. Also, we send products and hampers relevant to your skin type and condition during product launches on a case-to-case basis.

Q.Where can I see my affiliate details such as referral link, coupon code, earnings, etc.?

Please visit and log in to view all these details.

Q. Will Foxtale reshare my content on their account?

We do reshare engaging and interactive content which our Beautypreneurs make. Use #FrontFoxers to get featured.

Q.What extra benefit do I get as a Beautypreneur of Foxtale?

We hold a Masterclass course on content creation and social media growth conducted by top industry veterans. As a Beautypreneur you are eligible for this course. Once you complete this course you will get a certificate from Foxtale.

Q.What kind of events can I be a part of?

We organize Meet and Greets for our community every quarter. In addition to this as a community you can join our exclusive sessions with artists ranging from yoga to acapella. You also get to be a part of our launch events from time to time.

Q.How can I be the Face of Foxtale?

We organize this biannually where we give every Beautypreneur a chance to become the Face of Foxtale which is Foxtale’s Next Top Model. We share a form for you to fill in your details and accordingly profiles get shortlisted. We select 10 people as per their portfolio and they get clicked inhouse.