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5 Benefits Of Using A Face Cleanser Regularly

  • By Srishty Singh

 A no-nonsense CTM or an elaborate Korean skincare – cleansing is the first and often the most overlooked step in a routine. Using a cleanser gently removes dirt, impurities and pollutants from the pores for a balanced microbiome. Additionally, with the appropriate product, this process can address specific skin concerns like acne, dehydration and dullness.

In this blog, we walk our readers through the many benefits of using a cleanser regularly. Additionally, we help you pick the right product for your skin type. So, keep scrolling to make an informed decision.

What are the benefits of using a face cleanser regularly?

Using a cleanser regularly extends a flurry of benefits to your skin. Some of which are listed below- 

1. It removes dirt, grime, and gunk: Cleansing removes the deep-seated traces of dust, pollutants, and gunk from the pores – ensuring a clean, bright surface. Cleansing your face at night also cues healthy cellular regeneration for better skin elasticity and texture.

2. Prevents clogged pores: Cleansing dislodges clogged pores that may cause whiteheads, blackheads or acne.

3. Ensures skin hydration: A humectant-infused cleanser replenishes your skin’s moisture content, leading to its soft, supple appearance. P.S. For those unaware, humectants like Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, and many more bind water molecules to your skin for long-lasting hydration.

4. Better blood circulation: Cleansing your face daily improves blood circulation – initiating healthy cellular regeneration and improving collagen production. This leads to your skin looking firm, supple, and radiant over time.

5. Facilitates absorption of your skin products: As touched upon briefly, a potent cleanser dislodges excess sebum, dirt and impurities from your skin. This helps in better absorption of your target treatment/serum, which adds to its efficacy.

 How to use a face cleanser correctly?

While there are no hard and fast rules for using a face cleanser, these tips will help you reap its maximum benefits! 

1. Use a coin-sized amount of your face cleanser and gently massage it into your skin. Use upward circular motions to scrub your face for about30 seconds.

2. Remember to use a light hand while cleansing your face. Vigorous rubbing can strain your skin, leading to inflammation, redness, and rashes.

3. Overwashing can strip your skin, causing uncomfortable dryness or tightness. Stick to using your face cleanser twice a day – in your morning and nighttime skincare routine.

4. Use cold water to rinse your face. Cold water makes your skin look firm while reducing the appearance of pesky pores.

 How to pick the right cleanser for your skin type? 

We have learnt that the right cleanser wields immense power in skincare. So why should you pick a random product from the supermarket aisle? Ahead, we help you with the best cleaner based on your skin type.

To make the right choice, you must have a clear understanding of your skin type and its underlying concerns. In case of any confusion, please refer to your dermatologist.

1. Oily skin: If your skin expels oil like it's nobody's business, try Foxtale’s Acne Control Face Wash with Salicylic Acid. This cleanser gently sloughs off dead cells, debris and excess sebum from the pores, without overdrying your skin. The innovative formula also carries Hyaluronic Acid for long-lasting hydration for your skin.

2. Dry or sensitive skin: Grappling with dry, flaky or itchy skin? Try Foxtale’s Hydrating Face Wash with Hyaluronic Acid. The formula binds water molecules to the skin for sustained hydration with Sodium Hyaluronate and Red Algae Extracts. Furthermore, the face hydrating cleanser offsets inflammation, redness and rashes – making it a perfect fit for folks with sensitive skin.

3. Combination skin: It is tricky to care for combination skin types as you need to strike a balance between hydration and oil control. Luckily, Foxtale’s Purify and Glow Mask + Cleanser ticks both boxes. The formulation contains French Pink and Kaolin Clays that help regulate sebum for a balanced microbiome. Moreover, Sodium PCA ensures long-lasting hydration for the skin.


1. Can I use cleanser for oily skin?

Ans) Yes. Foxtale’s Acne Control Face Wash has been formulated for oily/acne-prone skin. Salicylic Acid at the heart of this formulation cuts excess oil, grime, and impurities for a smooth, clean surface. The facial cleanser also carries Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid to uphold the health of your lipid barrier.

2. How should I check my skin type?”

Ans) You can follow these steps to determine your skin type-

If your skin appears shiny with open pores, it is most likely oily.
If your skin feels itchy or stretchy and looks dull, it is most likely dry.
If your T-zone is always greasy as opposed to the rest of your skin, it is probably combination.

 3. Can I leave a cleanser on my skin overnight?

Ans) No. Leaving a cleanser overnight on your skin can strip off the natural oils leading to dryness and uncomfortable tightness.

4. Can I wash my face only with water?

Ans) Water alone is unable to dislodge the deep-seated impurities, pollutants, and traces of makeup or SPF from the pores. This is why we recommend buying a potent cleanser suited to your skin type. Try Foxtale’s Hydrating Face Wash for dry and sensitive skin, Foxtale Acne Control Face Wash for oily skin and our Purify & Glow Mask + Cleanser for combination skin.

5. Can I skip facial cleanser from my skincare routine?

Ans) No. We recommend using a cleanser in your morning and nighttime skincare routine. Facial cleansers help remove dust, grime, and impurities from your pores, ensuring a healthy microbiome. 

6. Can I skip my moisturizer after cleansing?

Ans) We recommend using a moisturizer after cleansing your face. A potent moisturizer forms a protective barrier on the dermis, preventing TEWL. It also seals your active-infused serums or treatments, hence boosting their efficacy. 

7. What is a simple yet effective skincare routine?

  •  Cleanse your skin twice a day
  •  Dab a concern-led serum after your skin is dry
  •  Follow up with a moisturizer
  •  Wear SPF without fail

Additionally, we also recommend these weekly rituals 

  • Mask twice a week to boost your skin’s latent glow
  • Exfoliate thrice a week for healthy cellular regeneration
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