10 ways to use AHA in your Skincare Routine for Clear Skin

10 ways to use AHA in your Skincare Routine for Clear Skin

  • By Vineet Gala

Actives like AHA have become a common household name courtesy of their benefits. Read on to find out all the benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acid.


When we think of “acid”, our minds instantly connect it with unpleasant and even dangerous burns. So, reading a beauty product label and coming across an “acid” as an ingredient can be intriguing. Yet, these days, the beauty world is buzzing with various actives and acids for their significant benefits and results. One such ingredient is Alpha Hydroxy Acid, otherwise known as AHA. This vital component is definitely something you need to get your hands on as soon as possible! 

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are a class of acids originating from both plants and animals and are present in many skincare products. These consist of regular anti-aging items like serums, toners, and lotions. They are used as exfoliants in skin care to get rid of dead skin cells and to treat particular problems. Alpha hydroxy acids, or AHAs, operate by peeling off the build-up of dead cells on the skin's surface to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion. It is a group of water-soluble acids which have mild exfoliation properties and help in many ways to retain youthful and radiant skin. Let us find out more about the various benefits of AHAs.

10 miraculous benefits of AHA

AHA can be in many forms like glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid, mandelic acid, and tartaric acid. All of them exfoliate the skin chemically and help in various ways to rejuvenate it. They work by eliminating dead skin cells from the skin's surface, brightening your complexion, and enhancing texture and tone. Here are ten such benefits you can enjoy by including any kind of AHA in your skincare routine:

1. Exfoliation

It is the primary benefit of AHA. It chemically loosens the bond of skin cells and helps with cleaning dead skin cell build-up. This method is a much gentler but more effective form of exfoliation compared to physical scrubs. Products with 2-10% AHA concentration are safe enough for exfoliation purposes.

2. Prevents acne

AHA particularly in the form of glycolic acid is effective to fight acne by killing the acne-causing bacteria and preventing them. It also removes dead skin cells and surface sebum that clog the pores without irritating or tearing the skin. Products like the Foxtale One Zit Wonder Acne Spot Corrector Gel is the perfect product containing glycolic acid to witness overnight minimized acne spots. The product also contains azelaic acid and salicylic acid that helps control oil production on the skin.

3. Brightens the skin

Alpha hydroxyl acid (AHAs) helps improve cell turnover. As a result, the new skin cells can show through after the dead skin gets shed. Thus, the skin’s appearance gets brighter, fresher, and plumper.

4. Boosts collagen regeneration

Collagen keeps your skin smooth and firm since they are the building blocks of your skin. Over time, natural collagen production slows down. AHA helps to improve collagen stimulation by removing old collagen fibers.

5. Improves blood flow

AHA has anti-inflammatory properties that help to improve the blood flow in the skin. The improved blood flow helps to carry nutrients to the skin cells and reduces blemishes and hyperpigmentation as a result. This function is the cause of the tingling sensation after using AHA products.

6. Hydrates the skin

AHA being a water-soluble acid acts like a humectant. Thus, it helps the skin retain moisture for a longer period and improves hydration. AHA can also draw moisture from the air. The result is a glowing and supple appearance of the skin.

7. Visibly smoother skin

The blocked pores and dead skin cells are removed through exfoliation by AHA. Thus, the skin appears smoother and luminous. In short, AHA can get rid of all elements that contribute to the dull appearance of the skin.

8. Reduces signs of aging

AHA can prevent and reduce the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. The improved cell turnover, collagen production, and exfoliation altogether show significant improvement in the general texture and condition of the skin. Dedicatedly using AHA for at least a few weeks can show significant improvement and prevention of fine lines.

9. Gets rid of hyperpigmentation

Specifically glycolic acid and lactic acid can help to reduce hyperpigmentation. It also helps to fade melasma and dark spots. Chemical peels and similar products made from these specifics AHA are very effective for this purpose. The Foxtale Acne Spot Corrector is infused with AHA for this very reason. With the help of this product, you’re not only treating your acne but also preventing acne scarring.

10. Better product efficacy

As AHA can remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, the absorption of other skincare products gets improved. The top layer of the skin is cleaned by AHA which helps your skin to breathe and absorb other products and help them penetrate much deeper within the skin.

The conclusion-

One can rightly say, AHA is a great choice to improve the overall appearance of your skin. It is mild enough to use every day and is available in many forms like moisturizers, serums, and creams. Before using these kinds of products, consult your dermatologist or skin care professional if you have any pre-existing skin conditions. They can assist you in choosing the ideal AHA based on your skin type and skincare objectives. The right product and the right level of concentration together can work wonders on the skin.


1.What skin type is AHA good for?

AHA is suitable for all skin types. 

2.Does AHA make skin glow?

AHAs help in the removal of dead skin cells to reveal fresh and young skin cells since they serve as an exfoliant. Using it will show skin that is glowing and radiant.

3.Should AHA be used morning or night? 

It is recommended to apply at night because AHAs make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

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