Here’s why the democratisation of beauty is so important, especially now

Here’s why the democratisation of beauty is so important, especially now

  • By Romita Mazumdar

For the legions of consumers that are looking for a skincare product that’ll work for them, the fact that beauty has become liberated is key.

Voting in an efficient democracy means casting a ballot for the people that’ll give you what you want and do what’s best for you. You want to trust that they’re representing your ideas, supporting your interests and working to find solutions to your problems. You probably want the same from your beauty products. After all, this is the cleanser you’re relying on to get rid of any post-workout sweat, the serum you’re hoping hydrates and brightens and the exfoliator that you’re counting on to get rid of your hormonal acne.

Democratising beauty

A real democracy is inclusive too. It’s not about sameness. A real democracy welcomes different, varied opinions and is able to say “let’s include everybody in this conversation so we can hash it out and reach a happy medium.” For us, that means recognising that there isn’t one beauty standard. Consumers can determine what makes them feel good, what they love and what they want to add to cart. A real democracy is also about community: everyone has something to say, and we’re excited to take the conversation forward. There’s no limitations, censorship or interruptions, and there won’t be any here either. This is a space where you can comment, compare products, and share tips with each other.

Furthermore, we are focused on being honest, open and transparent. Things you want from a ruling party, and from the makers of the skincare products you’re trusting to hydrate your dry skin or soothe your red zit. We’re telling you what we’re making our products with, who we’re doing it with, why we’re doing it, and what you’re actually going to get out of it. This means the truth, and then nothing else. If you’re relying on something day in and day out, you’ll want it to be easily accessible. That’s what we’re promising.

Reaching your skin goals—whatever they may be for you—doesn’t have to be insanely expensive, confusing or scary. Your skincare goals shouldn’t be about being told what you need, but rather about asking you what you want. If you’re a skincare newbie, you might not know how to read an ingredient label. Terms like Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 and matrixyl-3000 may sound like a foreign language. We’re trying to change that. We want you to understand what’s in your product, so you know what’s good for you, and what’s really working. Good skin—skin you feel comfortable in—is the great equaliser, and that’s a manifesto we can all get behind.

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