5 Things to Keep in mind while using Retinol

5 Things to Keep in mind while using Retinol

  • By Anindita Biswas
It can be scary to begin using retinol, but knowing the dos and don'ts can help. Read the article to learn the five retinol rules.

Retinol is a skincare ingredient that everyone wants to have in their arsenal for a variety of reasons. It is a popular anti-aging substance that gradually improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It can promote collagen synthesis in the skin with regular use, giving your skin a baby-soft appearance and allure. What can't it do?

Even though it can appear to be simple to use, that may not always be the case. In this article, we'll go over all the dos and don'ts related to using retinol. We've simplified retinol incorporation with just five rules; read them below!

1.A prescription-strength retinol is not necessary for effective effects

Everyone has heard of retinol, but did you know that it is merely one of many compounds that fall under the retinoid category? Retinoic acid is what your skin actually takes in when retinol is applied; this substance is in charge of collagen formation and skin cell renewal. Another substance known as the "next generation" of retinol is retinaldehyde because of its 11 times faster action than retinol. And while none of these substances is prescription strength, they are all recognised to be beneficial to the skin.

2.Decide the concentration based on your skin tolerance

Once you've determined which type of retinoid is best for you, you'll need to determine what concentration of the component is safe for your skin. If you're just getting started, stick to products containing 0.1 per cent to 0.3 per cent retinol. This is also the optimal concentration for people with sensitive skin.

3.Beginners must use it gradually

When first used, retinol is known to have minor adverse effects. It may cause purging and skin irritation. As a result, you must take it slow with the frequency of retinol usage. Start by applying the product once per week and increase it gradually to whatever your skin can tolerate; whether it is every night or three times a week.

4.Expect results after 8-12 weeks

Retinol takes time to show benefits, as is the case with all skincare products. To experience the benefits of retinol, you may need to use it consistently for 8 to 12 weeks. Even while other individuals say it takes even longer, the wait will be worthwhile in the end.

5.Never forget to wear SPF and use a moisturizer

Though you should apply sunscreen every day, not using sunscreen the next morning after using retinol is a sin. It is crucial to protect the skin by applying sunscreen when using skincare products that promote skin cell turnover or exfoliate the skin because they will always result in increased sun sensitivity.

In addition, when applying retinol, it is critical to follow up with a barrier-repair moisturizer. It is a surefire way to reduce redness and irritation to some extent.

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