You went to sleep marveling at your clear skin after completing your daily skincare only to wake up with an angry red zit on your cheek. Not an uncommon experience but an annoying one, isn't it? While we all hope our acne breakout years are left behind during the teenage, they can happen at any time, age, and for any skin type. The reasons are varied but thankfully, there are ways to get rid of them as quickly as they appeared. A proper diet and the right products are the keys to preventing and treating the problem. Read on to find out how you can prevent such breakouts or even make them disappear overnight with one single product!

Causes of acne breakout

Prevention is better than cure. But to take preventive measures, understanding the causes is important. Here are a few common reasons behind overnight acne breakouts:

  • Hormonal imbalance

Changes in hormones or fluctuation during puberty, pregnancy, or any illness can cause an acne breakout. Even hormonal imbalances induced by medicines also have such effects. Thyroid, overweight, and PCOS are a few health conditions that cause hormonal problems leading to breakouts.

  • Stress

Our lifestyles these days often cause abnormal stress. A new job, upcoming exams, wedding, relationship, financial crisis- it can be anything. Stress hormones when released excessively cause acute acne breakout as well as more severe health issues.

  • Sudden diet change

If you go for crash dieting or there is a sudden change in your usual diet, the effects are reflected on your skin. Also, excessive consumption of oily, spicy, and junk food causes acne breakouts.

  • Medication

Medications like steroids, anticonvulsants, and Lithium are all known to cause side effects like acne breakout.

  • Environment

The changes and the free radicals in the environment can also cause an acne breakout. If you relocate to a new place, your skin takes time to adjust and often the results are reflected through such breakouts. Moreover, the dirt and pollution clog the pores which in turn causes the breakout.

  • Usage of wrong skincare

Last but not the least, choosing the wrong skincare product often gets indicated by adverse reactions like an acne breakout. If a particular product does not suit you, there will be pimples and acne indicating the problem.

Treatments for acne breakout

There are many long-term and short-term ways to treat acne breakout and even prevent it.

1.Keeping your skincare simple

Keep the skincare routine simple with minimal products which are gentle and suitable for your skin type. Our Foxtale Dewy Skin combo is the perfect choice to keep the routine simple and effective. It includes a deep cleansing yet hydrating face wash, a ceramide-infused skin barrier repair cream, and a lightweight SPF 50+ sunscreen with zero white cast.

2.Spot correction treatments

You can also invest in spot correction treatments that give overnight solutions. Such treatments are quick fixes if you have a sudden breakout. The Foxtale Acne Spot Corrector Gel is a treatment that is loaded with many notable ingredients. It contains BHA that helps to unclog pores and reduce sebum production. It also has AHA that gently exfoliates and removes dead skin, and reduces marks and discoloration. The gel is enriched with Azelaic acid that controls pigmentation by improving cell turnover and kills acne-causing bacteria. Lastly, it has niacinamide that reduces the severity of acne and redness.

3.Maintain a healthy and consistent diet

A healthy and balanced diet can be a preventive measure against such breakouts in the long run. Also, be consistent about the diet. Avoid suddenly going for a crash diet or changing the composition of your food habits. Lastly, do not have too much spicy food or any specific food that is known to cause indigestion.

4.Good sleep and no stress

Leading a stress-free life is a dream. But you can compensate for that by getting enough sound sleep. Develop a habit of sleeping early and waking up accordingly. A minimum of 7 hours of deep sleep is essential to help your skin get the necessary rest. Avoid situations that can unnecessarily add to your stress.

5.Take precautions against climate change

Stay prepared to combat skin problems induced by climate change. Whether it is a new season or you are relocating- update your skincare products according to the climate. For example, if your skin tends to get very dry during winter, you must consider going for a more occlusive-based moisturizer for the colder months accordingly.

6.Patch test skincare products

Every time you try a new skincare product, it is wise to do a patch test. Also, go through the ingredient list to understand the individual ingredients in the product. Be aware of any ingredient that causes allergic reactions. You can easily find this out by conducting a patch test and waiting twenty-four hours before you start using the product thoroughly.

Sudden acne breakouts are not a very difficult situation to manage if you have the right products at hand and basic knowledge of skincare. Recognizing the reasons are the key to finding the best treatment.