Everything to know about Karanja oil and its Uses in Beauty

Everything to know about Karanja oil and its Uses in Beauty

  • By Anindita Biswas

Karanja oil is a beneficial ingredient that, despite being less well-known, is in no way less useful. Learn more about its benefits for skin and hair in this article.

Hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and other chemicals have become popular buzzwords in the cosmetic market recently. However, many other ingredients are not as much in the limelight yet have wonderful results. One such ingredient is the Karanja oil. It is not as much under the radar. So, read on and find out how it can transform your beauty routine for the better.

What is Karanja oil?

Karanja oil is a hydrating antioxidant with astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also excellent as a barrier to the scalp. The oil is extracted from a tropical plant native to eastern and tropical Asia and is commonly called Karanja in India. Every part of the Karanja tree including the flowers, bark, leaves, roots, and seeds is useful for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

It is a herb from which the oil gets extracted and used to treat eczema, inflammation, various skin diseases, and even gastric problems. In the beauty industry, oil is widely used for skin care and hair care. You can find many products formulated with Karanja oil or with its extract. The oil is suitable for all skin types and also versatile enough to complement other natural or synthetic skincare products.

How to use Karanja oil for skin and hair?

Karanja Oil can be used simply as an oil or available as an ingredient in popular skincare products. It is a popular ingredient in many hair care products, especially customized ones. The oil has UV protection properties and is repairable making it a great choice for dry and brittle hair.

Karanja oil also helps to fight dandruff and promote hair growth. It is available as lotions, oil, cream, moisturizers, soaps, and so on. Moreover, it is also available as powder, capsules, and poultice paste for topical and internal use.

Benefits of Karanja oil

The benefits of Karanja oil are varied. From skin to hair, you get benefits in many ways from this product. Here are some benefits you must consider to find the best product suitable for your skin and hair:

1. Anti-inflammatory

You can get rid of inflammations, and soothe and prevent them with the help of the Karanja oil. It is rich in fatty acids which act as a healing agent for your inflammations. As a result, it is a popular treatment for eczema and psoriasis.

2. Anti-bacterial

The oil is antibacterial and hence can help to fight off dandruff and other similar scalp problems. It also helps to heal minor wounds on the skin and the scalp. It is also anti-fungal thus many fungal infections of the scalp can be combated by using the oil daily. It acts as an astringent and protects the scalp barrier and the hydrolipid film.

3. UV protection

The oil is particularly helpful regarding UV protection for hair and scalp. The oil prevents the fading of natural hair color which often happens due to harsh weather and sunlight. Your hair does not get dry and brittle either. The nourishment from Karanja oil also adds shine to your hair.

What can you pair with Karanja oil?

The best thing about Karanja oil is it pairs well with almost every other ingredient in your skincare. It is a herbal product that complements actives as well as other botanical ingredients. It particularly works well when combined with hibiscus extract, reparative yacon extract, and coconut oil. If you are following a dedicated routine using Foxtale products, you can still safely include Karanja oil or Karanja oil-based products for an added boost in your skincare or haircare.

In short, there is no limit to the combinations you can experiment with when using Karanja oil, making it a versatile skincare and haircare product for everyone.

A side effect of Karanja oil

There is no known side effect of Karanja oil unless you are specifically allergic to it. However, it is pure oil and a heavy ingredient. Hence it can be too sticky for fine hair and oily skin. But if you are using a product formulated with oil, it entirely depends on the blend of the product and its purpose.

Moreover, it is a herbal ingredient and such ingredients tend to provoke allergic reactions and irritation till your skin and hair get used to them. However, if the trouble gets consistent, it is best to avoid the oil.

Karanja oil has never been much under the limelight. However, it has every quality to be the holy grail skincare ingredient for all skin types. So, next time you come across the ingredient on any product label, you would know what to expect and make an informed decision regarding the investment.

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