Let’s not deny; Many of us have a habit of peeking into the ingredients list of our skincare products and trying to understand the properties of individual elements. You would notice that some ingredients are common in a specific type of product. It’s also possible that you have come across one such common ingredient in shampoos, face washes and body washes- sodium cocoyl isethionate. Let us delve deeper and find out how this ingredient benefits your skin and its uses.

What is sodium cocoyl isethionate, exactly?

Sodium cocoyl isethionate is a cleansing agent derived from coconut oil. Commonly seen in body washes, face washes, and shampoos, it can lift dirt and oil from the skin very easily. The range of concentration of the ingredient is 10-25% in skincare products. It is one of the gentlest surfactants there is, making it suitable for all skin types.

Benefits of sodium cocoyl isethionate

Being a gentle surfactant, sodium cocoyl isethionate is suitable for even sensitive skin. There are few benefits of the ingredient, which is why it is often used as the primary cleansing agent in various soaps, body washes, face washes, and more:

#1 Silky lather

The surfactant can lower the surface tension of water and hence help to spread the product easily. The lather produced is not too harsh on your skin or hair and hence does not cause excessive dryness or lead to tangling and frizzing of hair.

#2 Moisturization

The velvety and stable foam produced by the ingredient does not dehydrate the skin. As a result, any product with sodium cocoyl isethionate provides hydration and moisturization.

#3 Gentle and mild

Unlike most surfactants, Sodium cocoyl isethionate is comparatively mild and hence suitable for all skin types. It can bond with water and oil and hence easily lift off makeup residue, dirt and grime without too much rubbing.

#4 Protects skin barrier

It does not damage the natural skin barrier and hence, your skin does not feel the taut and dry effect that is often associated with most stripping sulfates.

Are there any side effects of using sodium cocoyl isethionate?

There are no known side effects of sodium cocoyl isethionate to date. This is the primary reason behind its widespread usage in different cosmetic cleansing products. However, it can trigger allergic reactions in those who have a coconut allergy. Moreover, overusing any product with the ingredient can lead to the drying of the skin. Hence, it is best to use the products as directed on the label.

How to use sodium cocoyl isethionate?

You can reap the benefits of the ingredient by choosing any skincare or haircare product formulated with it.

  • Face washes: Many gentle face washes use this ingredient. Our Foxtale Daily Duet Face Wash contains sodium cocoyl isethionate along with other hydrating ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate which is why it is very gentle on all skin types. Moreover, it can double as a makeup remover too.

  • Shampoos: It is a common surfactant in many mild shampoos, especially those formulated to prevent frizzing and tangling.

  • Body washes: Since it protects the skin barrier and prevents moisture loss, sodium cocoyl isethionate is a common ingredient for body washes.

In short, it is a universal ingredient in most mild cleansing products and even those with sensitive skin can get good use out of it.