Why is sodium benzoate a constantly trusted Ingredient in every Skincare?

Why is sodium benzoate a constantly trusted Ingredient in every Skincare?

  • By Anindita Biswas

Sodium benzoate is a constant ingredient in many beauty and skincare products. Let us share in detail everything you need to know about it.


These days, you will rarely come across a clean skincare or haircare product that does not list sodium benzoate among the ingredients. It is a popular alternative to the dozens of hazardous preservatives. Though there are many apprehensions and misinformation surrounding sodium benzoate, in reality, it is a safe choice without any side effects.

 Read on to find out about its advantages and how to use it. So, the next time you go shopping for skincare and beauty products, hopefully, you will not shun products containing sodium benzoate.

What is sodium benzoate? 

Sodium benzoate is a preservative used in various skincare and haircare products. It is a sodium salt of benzoic acid. You will find the ingredient in almost every clean cosmetic product derived from fruits and vegetables like cranberries, plums, ripe cloves, and apples. Though these are all-natural sources, sodium benzoate is also produced synthetically. It is also one of the first preservatives to be approved by the FDA for use in food, so you can guess it is harmless enough in your skincare products too.

Benefits of sodium benzoate

We are all familiar with the preservative qualities of sodium benzoate but it also has many benefits for skincare and haircare. It is an antifungal and anti-bacterial agent and effectively prolongs the shelf life of your favorite skincare products. Thus, you can reap the benefits of your products for a longer time. Moreover, you need not buy the products too frequently and make the most of every tub you buy. 

Are there any side effects of using sodium benzoate?

There are many concerns among common buyers about what goes into their skincare products these days. Sodium benzoate has faced the brunt of much misinformation and apprehensions resulting from the lack of knowledge.

 Largely, it is a well-tolerated product by most people and is also approved by FDA since there are few alternatives as effective in increasing shelf life as sodium benzoate. However, on rare occasions, one can have an allergic reaction to this ingredient. Furthermore, when paired with vitamin C or ascorbic acid, it turns into benzene, a potent carcinogen. Hence, it is rarely found in Vitamin C products. This is why you will not find sodium benzoate in the Foxtale C For Yourself Vitamin C Serum.

How to use sodium benzoate?

Sodium benzoate is not used on its own. You need to use the product formulated with it as per the instructions. There is not much research on the amount of sodium benzoate that is safe and comes down to where it is being used. It does not occur naturally in the human body which is why one is advised to limit the use of products containing sodium benzoate within a small surface area.

Sodium benzoate continues to be one of the most potent preservatives available though there are many alternatives. By choosing the products cautiously, you can strike a balance in the amount of sodium benzoate that goes into your skincare.

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