Skin tools to help you de-puff and de-stress

Skin tools to help you de-puff and de-stress

  • By Romita Mazumdar

Massage your worries away with the help of Face tools! Here is a detailed article on the different face tools and their right usage for flawlessly radiant skin.

Your face goes through a lot of stress and tension just like your body and hence, deserves some pampering from time to time. After a hard day at work, overexposure to the harmful particles in the environment often leads to tightened and dry skin. Face massage is the perfect ritual you need to perform on your skin to loosen up your facial muscle and open up the blocked pores. Face massage tools are easily available in the market and make up for the perfect instrument to treat your tensed face muscle.

It not only reduces the stress and tension on your face but also makes it easy for lymphatic drainage. There are around 600 lymphatic nodes present in our skin, the intense pressure and irregular lifestyle collapse our lymphatic system. The lymphatic nodes refused to release the toxic waste from our face resulting in swelled up muscle.

With the help of an intense face massage using the right technique, this problem of lymphatic blockage can be healed. Once the muscle loosens up, the lymphatic drainage becomes regular and the swelling and puffiness reduce considerably. Let’s quickly take a look at what tools you can use for lymphatic drainage.

Gua Sha - An All Rounder Face Massage Tool

The word ‘Gua Sha’ is a traditional Chinese healing practice and hence, the Gua Sha Stone, made from semi-precious stone, is used for face massages. Among the varied modern approaches to new face scraping techniques, Gua Shang is the most popular.

In the older times using Gua Sha used to be an intense process in which the face was scraped to redness leading to self-healing of the skin. But the process isn’t painful anymore! The contemporary approach is much easier on the skin and results in leaving a clear and sculpted face as a result.

Gua Sha is proven to be effective for various skin problems like Acne, lymphatic drainage, swollen or puffiness of the face, wrinkles, and even dark circles! Also, it is said that using the Gua Sha Stone regularly leads to a naturally contoured face and sculpted jawline. But remember, there must always be a barrier between your face and the stone. You could use a serum, a moisturizer, or even facial oils for that perfect slip on the face.

Jade roller

Jade roller has gained immense popularity, thanks to its handy design and remedial properties. In a Jade roller, the Jade stone is attached to a roller which can be easily used to roll on the different parts of your face. It has two differently sized attachments in a single roller, the smaller jade helps to focus on specific areas like eyes, and the larger one is best suited for cheeks and forehead.

This jade is used to give your face an instant toned-up look and also helps in reducing swollen or puffy faces. The upward and downward motion massage encourages effective blood flow. So the next time you are in the mood to give your skin a good massage, do not hesitate to pick these!

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