Know How Pollution is impacting your Skin

Know How Pollution is impacting your Skin

  • By Romita Mazumdar
Let’s fight the dullness and other adverse effects of pollution on skin with proper skincare practices and products backed by science.

Skin, the largest organ of our body, is exposed to all the natural as well as artificial adversities around us. Most of us live in cities and have busy lifestyles that demand exposure to the surrounding environment. The rapidly increasing pollution of Indian cities has become a major concern for all as a result. Soot, dust, smoke, and pollutants too small for the eyes to detect, not only harm the skin but also trigger various allergies and health issues.

But skincare practices together with a healthy lifestyle can significantly minimize the effects of pollution on the skin. Read on to find out how it is made possible.

How does pollution affect the skin 

Ever noticed how the texture and overall health of skin vary from one part of India to another? This owes largely to the weather as well as to the pollution level of the region. Moreover, lifestyle and habits also affect the texture of the skin considerably.

 Pollutant particles penetrate the skin layers and cause oxidative stress that can weaken the skin and trigger inflammation. It also accelerates hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, premature ageing, and wrinkling. In extreme cases, skin problems can take the course of a disease like eczema.

Ways to counteract effects of pollution

A healthier lifestyle along with simple yet healthy habits can significantly counteract the effects of pollution. Here are a few things that work well: 

1.Deep cleansing

You cannot skip the daily, deep cleansing routine if you are largely exposed to urban pollution. Invest in a quality cleanser that is suitable for your skin and capable of deep cleansing. You do not want your skin to be stripped of natural oils either so the cleansing product must be carefully chosen. And this is why our Daily Duet Face Wash is the perfect pick for you. It is meant to unclog pores, remove the dirt along with being very gentle.

2.Incorporate barrier-friendly products

Your skin has a natural moisture barrier that must be nourished to maintain the overall health and suppleness of the epidermal layer. Pollution strips off this moisture that eventually makes the skin dull and even flaky. Using a moisturizer that strengthens the natural moisture barrier is the key to maintaining the balance of your skin.

A product rich in ceramides can prevent environmental irritants from affecting your skin. Our Ceramide Supercream moisturizer is a must-have in your skincare stash to make sure your skin gets all the love it deserves.

3.Include antioxidants in your skincare

Did you know that oxidation leads to premature ageing of the skin? Moreover, it is accelerated when your skin gets exposed to the environmental pollution around you. Antioxidants in your skincare are vital to prevent this deterioration.

A great way to boost up antioxidants in your skincare routine is by including our C For Yourself Vitamin C Serum. It acts as a preventive measure against such damages when used daily. It prevents hyperpigmentation, slows down the effects of sun damage, and also fights off free radicals in the environment, thus brightening the skin.

4.Wear sunscreen

Irrespective of the weather, sunscreen is a must in all seasons. Unlike popular belief, sunscreen should be used indoors, outdoors and even during cloudy weather. The UV rays of the sun can penetrate deep within the skin and lead to various skin troubles even when the sun is not visible.

Our CoverUp Sunscreen that has a high SPF value is ideal for the average Indian weather. It helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and even out the skin tone. Daily use even helps to reverse the effect of pollution over the years.

5.Eat right food

Diet and lifestyle play a vital role in your overall health and beauty. The condition of your health reflects externally on the skin and hair. From stress to digestive trouble, the first sign of the adversities is witnessed on your skin in the form of pimples, dullness, dehydration, and so on.

Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil, flaxseed, lentils give ultimate protection from air pollution and its effects. The skin is hydrated and refined from within thus gets negligibly affected by the pollutants. Different types of seeds and nuts are also nutritious, especially to counter the effect of pollution. They help to fight the oxidative stress caused by inflammation that results from pollution.

6.Mintain a consistent skincare routine

Last but not least, imbibe skincare like a daily indispensable routine. Keep it short and minimal but use quality products daily. Do not skip the cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting routine under any circumstances.

You will be surprised to notice the difference it makes over the months. Moreover, your regular skincare routine provides the nourishment your skin needs to recover from the damages caused by the environment.

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