Foxtale Retinol Night Serum: your search for the perfect Rends here

Foxtale Retinol Night Serum: your search for the perfect Rends here

  • By Vineet Gala

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of reasons stating why foxtale retinol serum is the supremacy that deserves a spot in your skincare routine.

You'll think "That's what I want" once you see the pictures after searching "retinol before and after." Yes, retinol is that amazing. It is a game-changing ingredient for your skin when used correctly and consistently. Moreover, the right retinol product can turn the tables. Not only will it show you results, but it will make them happen faster (not lightning fast but you get the gist)!

If you’re looking for a retinol serum, let us introduce you to the Foxtale Vit-A-Lity Retinol Night Serum. Whether it’s the first time you’re adding retinol to your routine or want to replace your existing serum, this is the one. Here are a few reasons you should get your hands on it!

Reasons to add the foxtale retinol night serum to your routine STAT!

1. It’s not like your regular retinol serum.

Retinol is a type of retinoid, a derivative of vitamin A that increases cell turnover. As a result, the skin begins to purge because it undergoes various changes. One of the reasons people completely avoid using retinol serums is the potential for their skin to get irritated and purged. Choosing stable retinol is essential because of this. Foxtale retinol serum contains 0.15% encapsulated retinol, a milder but still powerful form of retinol that has been shown to produce benefits twice as quickly as other forms.

The foxtale retinol is the T-14 version, meaning it has gone through numerous iterations in order to be perfected. Rest assured, you're getting the best possible version.

2. It is infused with game-changing anti-aging ingredients.

Retinol is your best friend when it comes to delivering anti-aging benefits. But the fact that all retinol claims the same makes it confusing to determine which one will deliver better and quicker results. Well, we've got you covered here! The foxtale serum is a potent formulated concoction of science-backed  anti-aging ingredients such as peptides and vitamin E along with moisturizing ingredients like betaine and kokum butter.

Get ready to experience firmer, more taut skin with this retinol serum!

3. It is one formula to rule out all skin concerns.

Retinol is one ingredient that takes care of a variety of skin concerns. This is why we and many others around the world swear by this ingredient! Whether you have acne, hyperpigmentation, or a rough and bumpy texture, retinol can rule them all. Without causing any irritation, you can easily use the foxtale retinol serum to prevent early signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles and even improve the appearance of pores.

Healthy-looking skin is no more a dream by having Vit-A-Lity by your side!

4. It delivers 2 times faster results.

The foxtale retinol serum claims to deliver 2 times faster results, courtesy of the magic of encapsulated retinol in it. Since retinol in its purest form is frequently described as an aggressive ingredient, sensitive skin cannot really benefit fully from retinol. This is where encapsulated retinol enters.

In encapsulation, retinol behaves as a molecule which is enclosed in a capsule or other carrier system. It penetrates deeper into the skin before being activated. Consider it as a time-release technology where the active ingredient is released slowly over a period in a particular area. In addition to showing results in 8 weeks, this technology is more stable and has a longer shelf life. A win-win-win situation.

5. It is a beginner-friendly serum suitable for all skin types.

The foxtale retinol night serum is all you can dream of retinol. Formulated with a very low percentage of retinol along with highly calming and moisturizing ingredients, it can proudly claim to be beginner friendly serum, suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Forget complaining about retinol being too drying or strong; this serum will finally dispel those myths once and for all. It's the new generation retinol serum you have to try!

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