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What Are Face Serums?

  • By Srishty Singh

From your neighbourhood pharmacies to the aisles of coveted retail stores – face serums have taken over shelves galore. And whether you are a skincare sleuth or far from it, you ought to have mulled over adding a serum to your regular cleanse-moisturize-sunscreen ritual (at some point). To help you make an informed decision, here’s a detailed guide to the best face serums in India. But before we jump to the list, let’s get our basics right.

 What are Face Serums? 

Face serums are active-infused formulations that target and address a flurry of skin concerns. From ageing to hyperpigmentation to acne, these result-oriented formulations elevate your skincare by ensuring time-bound result

 Why are Face Serums So Effective? 

The efficacy of face serums is due to the following factors.

1. They are lightweight, thin, and quick-absorbing: The thin, water-like consistency of face serums (as opposed to your cleanser or moisturiser) allows them to penetrate deep into the skin and work magic.

2. High concentration of active ingredients: Face serums are power-packed with actives that work on specific skin concerns. For example, salicylic acid for acne, hyaluronic acid for dryness, and Vitamin C for dark spots and pigmentation — above ingredients offer long-lasting and unparalleled results.

 How Should You Pick a Face Serum ? 

To pick the right face serum, you must have an unerring understanding of your skin type and its underlying concerns. 

 How to Apply Your Face Serum?

1. Cleanse: To ensure the effectiveness of your face serum, start by gently cleansing your face. Take a pea-sized amount of your pH-balancing face wash to help remove excessive oil, grime, and pollutants from the pores. Use a paper towel or a microfiber to pat your skin dry.

2. Treat: Once your skin is dry, take 2 to 3 pumps of your face serum and massage it into your skin. You may use a face tool like Gua Sha or a face roller to ensure better absorption of the formula.

3. Moisturise: No matter the season, skimping on moisturiser is out of the question. The whip boasts a healthy mix of emollients and hydrators that seal adequate water content into your skin. A good moisturizer strengthens the skin so that active ingredients in serums don't sensitise the skin and irritate i

4. SPF: Finish off with a dollop of sunscreen to avoid skin damage due to detrimental UVA and UVB rays. Foxtale’s Matte Sunscreen is the perfect bet to conceal the unwarranted shine and create a smooth base for the rest of your makeup.

 Best Face Serums for Your Concerns

Successfully identified your underlying skin concern(s)? It’s time to add a high-performing serum to your AM/PM regime.

Concern: Skin Dryness and Dehydration

Extreme dryness or dehydration is a prevalent concern,  often accompanied by flakiness, itchiness and dullness of the skin. These recurring episodes can also give way to early signs of ageing (re: fine lines, wrinkles) and a damaged acid mantle.

Get your hands on Foxtale’s Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid!

 The hero ingredient of the blend (HA) is a powerful humectant that binds water molecules to the skin, making it look plump and smooth. The serum also softens signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful radiance that makeup cannot achieve! 

Concerns: Dark Spots and Pigmentation

Dark spots and pigmentation can occur due to sun exposure, genetics, hormonal changes and more. They can make your complexion look uneven and dull.

Shop Foxtale’s Vitamin C Serum!

Vitamin C fades the appearance of dark spots and patches by curbing excessive melanin production. Moreover, the powerful antioxidant amplifies collagen production in your skin for its youthful appearance. The best part? Price of this Vitamin C serum is only INR 595 – extremely affordable.

Concerns: Fine lines, wrinkles, laugh lines, sagging skin

Early signs of skin ageing manifest in the form of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. Extreme stress, sleeping patterns, continued exposure to the sun, pollutants and other aggressors can all be possible factors taking a toll on your skin’s health.

Grab Foxtale’s Retinol Night Serum

Formulated with Encapsulated Retinol, the serum ensures healthy cellular turnover, making your skin smooth and plump. The skincare workhorse also unclogs pores and sheds dead cells to prevent acne outbreaks, whiteheads, and blackheads.

Concerns: Acne and Textured skin 

Unregulated sebaceous glands, exposure to environmental aggressors and use of chemical products lead to a band of dead cells on your skin. Results? An uneven skin texture, blotchy complexion, massive pores, and new acne eruptions or bumps.

Bag Foxtale’s AHA BHA Exfoliating Serum

This lightweight serum dislodges dead cells overnight to reveal a brighter, clearer complexion sitting underneath. Hyaluronic acid in the blend also ensures deep hydration and nourishment for the skin.

Concerns: Dullness, Skin Congestion, Excessive Greasiness

If you’re an oily skin gal, chances are that your complexion looks cloudy. This can be attributed to the open pores, extreme skin congestion, and the layer of dead cells atop the dermis. 

Make BFFs with Foxtale’s Niacinamide Serum

Niacinamide at the heart of this blend boosts skin brightness by ceasing the transfer of melanin pigment to the skin cells. The formulation also doubles as a primer to blur pores and imperfections for a smooth, matte base. It is the perfect precursor to your makeup look for a special occasion or outing. 

 Serums? Shop or Swerve? 

A face serum is not a byproduct of a beauty fad but a result-based formulation that helps you throttle relevant skin concerns. From acne to dullness to fine lines or wrinkles – if you wish to improve your skin’s overall health with just your AM/PM regimen, a face serum is non-negotiable.


1. Can I use face serums everyday?

Yes, you can use face serums everyday.

2. What is the function of a face serum?

A face serum boasts smaller molecules of active ingredients that treat specific skin concerns. From acne to pigmentation to dullness, the water-like consistency of this formula ensures better absorption and so, better efficacy.

3. Can I use my face serum without a moisturiser?

We recommend applying a dollop of Foxtale’s Hydrating Moisturiser atop your concern-based face serum. A moisturiser seals ample water molecules into your skin, adding to the potency of your treatment.

4. What is the best face serum for glowing skin?

If you want gorgeous, glowing skin, might we suggest adding Foxtale’s Vitamin C Serum to your skincare rotation? The powerful elixir diminishes the appearance of dark spots and patches for boosted radiance.

5. How to use face serum?

Dab 2 to 3 pumps of your concern-based face serum on a clean face. Remember not to rub your skin vigorously, as it may lead to irritation or inflammation. Once the serum has been completely absorbed, apply your moisturiser and SPF.

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