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Say Goodbye To Makeup Residue With Our Hydrating Cleanser

  • By Srishty Singh

Let’s face it; we have all been guilty of sleeping with a full face of makeup. After all, who enjoys scrubbing and cleansing in front of the mirror after a long day’s toil? But no matter how tempted you might be to dim the lights and crawl under the sheets – taking your makeup off first is crucial.

Wearing makeup overnight is detrimental to your skin’s health. It can clog your pores, leading to acne bumps and eruptions. Moreover, the layer of makeup on your skin attracts dirt, debris and pollutants (when outside), often resulting in unwarranted buildup. To steer clear of flare-ups, uneven skin tone, and dullness, we bring you Foxtale’s Hydrating Face Wash which doubles as a makeup remover. Scroll ahead to learn more about this innovative offering.

 Why should you never sleep with your makeup on?

Sleeping with your makeup on is out of the question! Here are all the reasons why wearing makeup overnight can harm your skin.

1. Disrupts Skin Repair And Rejuvenation Process: Your skin prioritizes its protection during the day and initiates repair at night. It sheds the unwarranted build of dead cells and debris to cue healthy cellular regeneration while you count sheep. A layer of makeup disrupts this repair process, leading to the formation of skin-harming free radicals. This grave oversight can slacken the collagen production process in your skin, resulting in early signs of skin ageing.

2. Clogged Pores And Acne Breakouts: Makeup overnight can clog your pores, leading to menacing acne breakouts,  whiteheads, and blackheads.  A makeup remover dislodges these deep-seated impurities and makeup residue for a refined complexion.

3. Inflamed Or Irritated Skin: Sleeping with eye makeup can make the eyelids more prone to styes, cause the eyelashes to shed and make the eyes irritated. A good makeup remover cum cleanser prevents harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens from spreading across your skin’s microbiome.

4. Dullness: The layer of makeup on your face collects debris, impurities, and pollutants throughout the day. This can weigh down your complexion, making you look dull and beat. A potent hydrating facial cleanser + makeup remover disintegrates the buildup on the dermis, to reveal a smooth, glowing surface.

 Why should you add Foxtale’s Hydrating Face Wash to your makeup arsenal?

Our hydrating facial cleanser helps simplify the makeup removal process. The gentle formula carries gentle surfactants that melt away the most stubborn traces of makeup and SPF for a clean, bright surface. So, no more aggressive scrubbing or rubbing that may strain your skin! 

Other Reasons To Love Our Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

1. Cleanses Skin: The innovative formula removes dirt, impurities, and makeup from the pores without stripping your skin. You can use it in your morning and nighttime routine to attain a refreshed complexion.

2. Gentle On The Skin: Whether you don a long-lasting lippy or a mascara – this makeup remover cleanser dissolves every last trace of makeup. The best part? The potent formula doesn’t require harsh rubbing or scrubbing of the skin.

3. Intense Hydration: Regular cleansers or makeup removers can disturb your skin’s pH and make the dermis uncomfortably dry or flaky. Enter Foxtale’s Hydrating Face Wash. Its formula carries Sodium Hyaluronate and Red Algae Extracts that bind water molecules to the skin – ensuring its soft and supple appearance.

4. Reduced Blemishes and Acne Spots: This gentle hydrating cleanser boasts Vitamin B5 reduces acne and fades blemishes with time. But that’s not all – Vitamin B5 also deeply moisturizes the skin for its plumpy appearance.

5. Improved Barrier Health: The long-lasting hydration provided by Foxtale’s Hydrating Face Wash ensures better barrier health. For those unaware, the barrier is the first line of defence between external aggressors and your skin.

 How to use Foxtale’s Hydrating Face Wash to remove your makeup?

Fancy a makeup removal process as easy as cleansing? Get your hands on Foxtale’s Hydrating Cleanser STAT.

1. Start by taking two pumps of the hydrating facial cleanser and applying it to your face. Take some water and emulsify this formula – gently rubbing it to remove your makeup. Next, add water and work into a lather to rinse off.

Tip: Be very careful around your eyes and mouth – scrubbing diligently to remove every last trace of the makeup.

2. Next, go in for a second cleanse. Use cold or lukewarm water to rinse off the hydrating cleaner. Once  your skin is dry, apply your designated nighttime treatment/serum.

3. To help lock the water content in your skin, pick a moisturizer of your choice.

Conclusion: Looking for a simple yet effective method to remove your makeup? Get your hands on Foxtale’s Hydrating Face Wash. It boasts an innovative Hydramelt Technology that dissolves makeup along with dirt and debris from the skin. Moreover, it carries powerful humectants that ensure long-lasting hydration for the skin, making it look plump and soft. Talk about a win-win! 


1. Can a regular face wash remove makeup from your skin?

Not completely! Regular face washes won’t be able to penetrate your skin beyond a few layers and dissolve makeup residues. Additionally, they contain harsh ingredients that can sensitize the skin or strip it too much if used too often to remove makeup. Enter Foxtale’s Hydrating Face Wash. This 2-in-1  formulation carries surfactants that gently melt makeup and SPF for a clean, bright complexion.

2. Will Foxtale’s makeup remover strip off my skin?

No. Our innovative makeup remover helps bind water molecules to the skin, help uphold its moisture reservoir.

3. What is the best hydrating cleanser for dry skin?

If you grapple with dry skin, try Foxtale’s Hydrating Face Wash. Its formulation carries Sodium Hyaluronate and Red Algae Extracts that bind water molecules to the skin for sustained hydration.

4. What is the best makeup remover?

Foxtale’s Hydrating Face Wash doubles as a makeup remover. It gently removes makeup residue with dirt, debris, and impurities while ensuring deep hydration to the skin.

5. Can I use the hydrating facial cleanser to remove makeup from my oily face?

Absolutely. You can use Foxtale’s Hydrating Face Wash for your oily skin type. It removes excess sebum and impurities from the pores, administering a balanced microbiome. Additionally, the presence of Sodium Hyaluronate and Red Algae Extracts ensures a big boost of hydration to the skin – keeping the sebaceous glands in check.

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