Here’s why J-Beauty is the new K-Beauty

Here’s why J-Beauty is the new K-Beauty

  • By Romita Mazumdar

J-beauty is known for its simple and minimalistic approach to skincare. If you're curious to learn more about this budding skincare trend, continue reading the article.

Does the thought of doing a 10- step skincare routine exhaust you even before you do it? Is following a simple yet effective skincare routine on your new year’s resolution list for 2023? Introducing J- beauty, a beauty regime that focuses on skincare that is gentle and follows a minimalistic approach to skincare. J-beauty appears much more convenient for most people and this has made it gain a widespread appeal. 

The main approach to J-beauty is to not overburden your skin with a lot of products. Only use products that are the most essential and are a necessity to your skin. Whether you are in touch with whatever’s happening in the skincare world or you’ve been living under a rock, we’re here to get you acquainted with J- beauty and why you need to incorporate it into your routine ASAP. So let's get this started!

What is J-beauty?

J-beauty (Japanese Beauty) is a line of skincare and cosmetic items that were created in Japan. The phrase "Mochi Skin" refers to the J-beauty standard, or, to put it another way, the skin objective. The key is to maintain healthy skin by properly washing, hydrating, nourishing, and protecting it. Less is more, a basic process that serves to fortify your skin and enable it to effectively perform its function is the guiding principle. It's best if you can treat your skin with as much tenderness and care as possible.

Understanding J-beauty and its Origin

Traditional and modern skincare concepts are amalgamated to form the ideal J-beauty routine. It is more focused on prevention than on cure and treatment. It primarily focuses on holistic skincare which is why it is gaining popularity rapidly.

The skincare regime of Japan is largely related to the Geishas. They were professional entertainers who painted their faces white so they needed to take extra care of their skin. They used ingredients like rice, seaweed, green tea, and camellia oil to make a skincare routine and these form the core of J-beauty. How thoughtful! 

How is it better than K-beauty?

J- beauty

K- beauty

Focuses on minimalism and functionality.

Focuses on nourishing the skin with a multi-step routine. 

A blend of traditional and modern products and formulations. 

Modern and unconventional skincare.

Lays a huge emphasis on double cleansing.

Lays a huge emphasis on skin hydration and exfoliation.

Aims for “mochi skin”- that's plump and soft.

Aims for “glass skin”- that's poreless and glowy.

Has a premium price range as there are fewer steps involved.

It is comparatively more affordable.


Steps in J-Beauty

1) Double cleanse

The method was used by Japanese Geishas to remove heavy makeup and has risen to popularity since then. It starts with an oil-based cleanser followed by a mild water-based cleanser. The oil breaks down the makeup and unclogs the pores. The water-based cleanser gets rid of all the dirt and sweat and deeply cleanses the impurities.

However, to minimize this step further, you can use a multipurpose cleanser as an alternative. Foxtale’s Daily Duet Cleanser is one such product that not only cleanses your skin well but also doubles as a makeup remover. Such a time-saver, isn’t it?

2) Exfoliation

The Japanese methods of exfoliation are much gentler compared to Western scrubs. J-beauty uses gel-like formulas that are massaged on the skin to unclog pores and gently remove dead skin cells. This is done at least 1-2 times a week to prevent any damage to the skin.

3) Hydration

The next step is the use of kesho-sui or a watery Japanese Lotion that is similar to toners. The main goal of this step is to soften and hydrate the skin. It is patted on the skin and contains ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, Panthenol, and Ceramides. All these ingredients are very soothing and hence suitable for almost all skin types. 

You can try incorporating Foxtale’s Daily Hydrating Serum with hyaluronic acid which helps fight all signs of dehydration to give plumper, tighter and brighter skin with a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. It helps the skin feel hydrated, smoother, and radiant.

4) Serum

Serums are target-specific products. Usually, they target wrinkles, acne, dark spots, etc, and are more dedicated to spot treatment. The different types of serums have primary ingredients like collagen, ceramides, Vitamin C, etc. which combat hyperpigmentation. Foxtale’s Vitamin C serum will aid in reducing pigmentation and scarring along with giving the perfect glow to your face!

5) Moisturization (and SPF in the daytime)

Whether it is J-Beauty or K-beauty or I-Beauty (Indian skincare!), moisturization is a must. This last step ensures that all the products applied underneath are locked! Although milky moisturizers are highly used in J-Beauty, creamy, gel, and lotion-based moisturizers are also popular. Foxtale’s smoothening moisturizer is a must-have if well-hydrated skin is on your wishlist! 

In the daytime, sunscreen is essential. You can try out Foxtale’s Dewy finish sunscreen in case you have dry skin and need that extra nourishment or Foxtale’s Matte finish sunscreen if your skin is oily and prone to acne. Not only does it give a matte finish but also reduces hyperpigmentation and regulates oil production. 

Advantages of J-Beauty

Imbibing J-beauty in your skincare routine is advantageous on so many levels. The popularity is growing rapidly in India which is why more and more Japanese skincare brands are getting introduced in the country. Here’s why J-beauty is such a growing trend:

  • Compared to K-beauty, J-beauty is much simpler and easier to follow for most people as fewer products (that target specific concerns) are involved.
  • As it has fewer steps, the time required is less too. Thus, maintaining a thorough skincare routine daily is much easier when J-beauty is followed.
  • The expense is much less as the number of products involved is lesser too.
  • It follows traditional and holistic skincare techniques using natural products. And the main focus is on overall skin health.
  • It focuses on faster cell regeneration and barrier repair skincare as it includes exfoliation and ceramide-based skincare. This results in boosting skin structure along with shedding off dead skin cells so you have baby-soft skin always!

In Conclusion- 

J-Beauty is no longer limited to Japan but has become an international trend owing to its simplicity. The best part is, you can make your J-beauty routine using the usual products you use. As long as you are using high-quality products suitable for your skin, following your customized J-beauty regime is quite easy. 


1.Why is J-beauty so popular?

Thanks to its simple and minimalistic approach to skincare, J-beauty has garnered a lot of interest and zeal from people all around the world! 

2.What is J-beauty?

J- beauty stands for Japanese beauty, a line of skincare that has been developed and curated in Japan. 

3.What is better K-beauty or J-beauty?

It depends on a case-to-case basis. If achieving soft and plump skin is your objective, J-beauty is your friend! However, if glass skin is your wish, K-beauty will help you achieve that dreamy glow. 

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