K-beauty has been a known trend for some time now all thanks to its elaborate 10-step skincare routine. But such a routine is not for everyone. So, if you are someone who enjoys minimal routines, it’s time you get introduced to J-Beauty. It is the Japanese beauty regime that focuses on simple yet effective skincare, exactly opposite to K-beauty. J-beauty appears much more convenient for most people and this has made it gain a widespread appeal. Let’s get acquainted with J-Beauty a little better!

Understanding J-beauty and its Origin

Traditional and modern skincare concepts are amalgamated to form the ideal J-beauty routine. It is more focused on prevention than on cure and treatment. It primarily focuses on holistic skincare which is why it is gaining popularity rapidly.

The skincare regime of Japan is largely related to the Geishas. They were professional entertainers who painted their faces white so they needed to take extra care of their skin. They used ingredients like rice, seaweed, green tea and camellia oil to make a skincare routine and these form the core of J-beauty. How thoughtful!

J-Beauty vs. K-Beauty

The J-beauty and K-beauty, both focus largely on holistic skincare through layers of hydration and protective barriers on the skin. Both emphasize largely on sun protection and thorough cleansing.

J-beauty reflects the country's traditions in skincare and heritage while K-beauty is heavily driven by modern scientific research. Though J-beauty is also driven by scientific research focusing on the core traditional ingredients, the primary goal is to ensure long-term benefits and overall skin health. Prevention and protection are the core concepts behind the making of the products.

K-beauty strives to find the latest skincare ingredients and modern technology for skincare. It is an elaborate 10-step affair with individual ingredients. There are individual products that are designed for every step. As a result, the entire process is very time-consuming and not feasible for the masses.

Steps in J-Beauty

#1 Double cleanse

The method was used by Japanese Geishas to remove heavy makeup and has risen to popularity since then. It starts with an oil-based cleanser followed by a mild water-based cleanser. The oil breaks down the makeup and unclogs the pores. The water-based cleanser gets rid of all the dirt and sweat and deeply cleanses the impurities.

However, to minimize this step further, you can use a multipurpose cleanser as an alternative. Our Daily Duet Cleanser is one such product that not only cleanses your skin well but also doubles as a makeup remover. Such a time-saver, isn’t it?

#2 Exfoliation

The Japanese methods of exfoliation are much gentler compared to the Western scrubs. J-beauty uses gel-like formulas that are massaged on the skin to unclog pores and gently remove the dead skin cells. This is done at least 1-2 times a week to prevent any damage to the skin.

#3 Hydration

The next step is the use of kesho-sui or a watery Japanese Lotion that is similar to toners. The main goal of this step is to soften and hydrate the skin. It is patted on the skin and contains ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, Panthenol, and Ceramides. All these ingredients are very soothing and hence suitable for almost all skin types. Eventually, they also help to make a moisture barrier on the skin and prevent water loss. The layering of hydrating products is a key concept in K-beauty skincare too.

#4 Serum

Serums are target-specific products. Usually, they target wrinkles, acne, dark spots etc and are more dedicated to spot treatment. The different types of serums have primary ingredients like collagen, ceramides, Vitamin C etc. which combat hyperpigmentation.

#5 Moisturization (and SPF in the daytime)

Whether it is J-Beauty or K-beauty or I-Beauty (Indian skincare!), moisturization is a must. This last step ensures that all the products applied underneath are locked! Although milky moisturizers are highly used in J-Beauty, creamy, gel and lotion-based moisturizers are also popular. In the daytime, either an additional sunscreen or a moisturizer that has SPF 30 can be used.

Advantages of J-Beauty

Imbibing J-beauty in your skincare routine is advantageous on so many levels. The popularity is growing rapidly in India which is why more and more Japanese skincare brands are getting introduced in the country. Here’s why the J-beauty is such a growing trend:

  • Compared to K-beauty, J-beauty is much simpler and easier to follow for most people as fewer products (that target specific concerns) are involved.
  • As it has fewer steps, the time required is less too. Thus, maintaining a thorough skincare routine daily is much easier when J-beauty is followed.
  • The expense is much less as the number of products involved is lesser too.
  • It follows traditional and holistic skincare techniques using natural products. And the main focus is on overall skin health.
  • It focuses on faster cell regeneration and barrier repair skincare as it includes exfoliation and ceramide based skincare. This results in boosting skin structure along with shedding off dead skin cells so you have baby soft skin always!

J-Beauty is no longer limited to Japan but has become an international trend owing to its simplicity. The best part is, you can make your J-beauty routine using the usual products you use. As long as you are using high-quality products suitable for your skin, following your customized J-beauty regime is quite easy.