Common Struggles Indian skin go through

Common Struggles Indian skin go through

  • By Romita Mazumdar
Gift yourself the boon of radiant skin by managing all types of skin concerns common to Indian women, efficiently.

Being homebound has become a necessity. But it is also the ideal time to show some love to your skin and health. The skincare market is booming at present as many of us regularly dedicate more time to skincare. We have highlighted some skin concerns which are specific to women of colour and the different ways to deal with them here.


Hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone is a very common concern among those of colour. Melanin is present in every skin tone, but the darker tones have an excess of it. Often the melanin-producing cells either produce excess or lesser melanin, thus leading to hyperpigmentation. It also occurs from sun exposure, hormonal imbalance and even during the prepartum and postpartum phases.


The best way to treat hyperpigmentation is to use a combination of Vitamin C and Sunscreen, according to research. If you are looking to introduce these two powerful products in your skincare routine, look no further and grab our Anti-Ageing Duo, now! This duo can reduce blemishes and target hyperpigmentation along with protecting your skin from sun damage.


For many of us, acne contributed as a major terror in our teenage years and it continues to be so for some adults too. Excess sebum production, dirt and pollution, hormonal changes, hair follicles clogged by oil and dead skin cells are aggravators of acne.


To minimize acne, keeping the skin thoroughly clean is the key. If it is not treated in time, eventually it can lead to acne scarring which is even more difficult to remove. Here’s what you can do:

  • Use a gentle cleanser in your AM routine and double cleanse your skin at night. Our Daily Duet Cleanser is your one-stop destination for something like this!
  • Use a lightweight yet hydrating moisturiser that is suitable for your skin type
  • The diet and lifestyle significantly affect the appearance of acne. Avoid fast food and anything too oily or sugary. Instead have more fruits and other vitamin-C, D and E rich food. Dairy can also be the reason for your acne, according to studies
  • Drink at least 2-3 litres of water daily

3.Dark Circles

Under-eye dark circles affect every age group and the appearance is even more prominent among women of colour. The skin underneath the eyes is thin and fragile and hence, cannot cover the hyperpigmentation. Staying up late, poor blood circulation and too much screen time majorly impact the appearance of dark circles. For some people, it is a genetic occurrence.


To get rid of dark circles, there are a few tricks that you can implement. Targeted skincare is the key to diminishing the appearance of dark circles. The following are the different approaches you may take:

  • Changing your lifestyle, getting more sleep, letting go of addictions like smoking or alcoholism are the most effective ways to slowly but surely reduce dark circles
  • You can also use under eye creams to massage around the eyes which improve the blood circulation and eventually the under eye dark circles


Pollution is unavoidable in India and it is also a major cause of damaged skin. The dirt and grime combined with sebum lead to many skin problems like acne and inflammations. Thus, one cannot deny that pollution is a major aggravator to adverse skin issues.


The only way to prevent skin damage caused by pollution is a thorough cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting routine daily with products from Foxtale, that can reverse the impact of pollution damage on the skin.

Moreover, when you go out, cover your exposed skin as much as possible. In the present situation, this is a viable option as you have to wear face masks on a daily basis.

5.Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks occur mostly among mature women, but they can also occur at any age for many reasons. Rapidly gaining or losing weight over a short period is a major reason behind the stretch marks. They are not harmful, but many women feel they affect their overall beauty and such feelings often trigger insecurities and body dysmorphia in extreme cases.


  • Using retinoids, and collagen-rich creams and products dedicatedly can somewhat reduce stretch marks
  • There are surgical and cosmetic treatments like skin firmly which also give instant results
  • Regular exercises to tone the muscles and skin also helps
  • Drinking a lot of water also keeps the skin hydrated and eventually improves the elasticity and thus reduces the stretch marks

6.Razor Bumps

Razor bumps are very common among Indian women of all ages. Getting rid of body hair is a common practice and shaving with a razor is the quickest solution that comes to mind due to the convenience. Unfortunately, it leads to ingrown hair which is especially common among women of colour. It has been witnessed that hair shafts of women of colour are curved, which primarily leads to the problem. Again, it is not harmful but at times, razor bumps can get inflamed and can cause itchiness too.


  • A safety razor is a good solution to prevent razor bumps
  • Also, practice shaving in one direction with shaving cream to avoid this problem
  • Laser treatment is a permanent solution to ingrown hair but it may have certain side effects
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