Say Goodbye to Under Eye Creasing with 5 Easy Hacks!

Say goodbye to under eye creasing with 5 easy hacks!

 Tired of your concealer making your under eye look cakey? Get rid of eye creasing and unlock the secret to hydrated skin with these easy-to-follow hacks

Whether you are opting for a full diva look, or a no-makeup makeup look, you cannot go on without some under-eye concealing! It covers up those dark circles, brightens the under-eye area, and evens your skin tone, making it essential. But if not used correctly, it can cause creasing, making it evil. So, does that mean you can't do anything about it? No way! You can follow a few tricks and tips to make your eye makeup look stunning and stop it from creasing. So keep on scrolling to learn about them.

But first, What is eye creasing? 

Growing older is a whole lot more than growing wiser, as it also means developing fine lines and wrinkles along the way. As you get older, the production of collagen in your body decreases, which can result in reduced skin elasticity and the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Your under-eye skin is delicate and thin, which can make creases in this area more noticeable. 

How to avoid creasing under the eyes?

  • Everything starts with Skincare

For your concealer to set in well, give your skin a shot of hydration and gentle care. When your skin is moisturized, the concealer will be able to blend well with the skin without layering up and looking cakey. 

The first tip to prevent your eye makeup from creasing is to maintain the skin underneath. Always start your routine by using a mild, gentle cleanser to hydrate your skin deeply. In addition, a cleanser can help relieve tired and dull skin by removing excess dirt and sebum. 

After cleansing, use a drop of eye gel. Foxtale’s Eye candy firming eye gel contains peptides and brown algae extract which firms and provides an anti-wrinkle effect on the skin. Ensure the eye gel sets well into your skin before continuing with the next step of your routine. This tip ensures you have a smooth base to work on. 

  • Prime it up

After your under-eye skin is enriched with all the goodness the eye gel has to offer, it's time to use a primer. Focus the primer on areas where you have fine lines and pores to prevent creasing. The primer fills and settles in the fine lines, creating a smooth canvas for your concealer to glide on.

  • Find the right product 

Even a pro technique cannot cover up for the wrong product formulations. It's imperative to choose a concealer that's suitable for your skin type. Using a concealer that has a lightweight formula will be perfect for oily skin as it won't make your under eyes look cakey. People with dry skin can apply a balm concealer which is known to be nourishing and long-lasting.

  • Place to apply 

First things first, where to apply the concealer? 

Apply the concealer around the inner corners. Focus most of the product there and then use a little bit towards the edge of the eye. Once you have applied the concealer, don't rush to blend it; instead, wait for some time (30-50 seconds) and then blend it. 

  • Technique of applying

Next up is the technique of blending. To prevent creasing, always look up while blending the concealer. When you stretch the area, it flattens out all the fine lines and makes you avoid mixing the product into the folds. Also, it would be best if you focused on using the right beauty tools. Some people prefer blending concealers with their fingers, while others with brushes. Do what works for you, but we highly recommend damp beauty blenders to get an even base.

  • Use a blotting paper 

Ah! Remember the old hack of using blotting paper to eliminate excess oil? People with oily skin can use this hack after using the concealer. Once you've applied the concealer to your under eyes, gently press the blotting paper on your under eye area. It helps eliminate excess oil and enables the concealer to stay longer. Say hello to a glowy look! 

  • Baking will save the day

The last and most crucial step is baking and setting the concealer to prevent it from creasing. Take some finely sifted setting powder on the sponge and dab it around the eyes. Let the product sit for some time, then dust off the excess with a brush. This gives your skin a smoother and even finish. 

In Conclusion 

While you cannot completely prevent eye creasing, there are many measures you can undertake to minimize its appearance and keep your skin looking its best. Using a concealer with the right consistency, blotting excess of it and applying a setting powder will help you gain control over them. And Voila, there you have it! A perfect crease-less under eye makeup look. 


  1. Why does my eye keep creasing? 

Your makeup is creasing possibly due to dehydration and using the wrong concealer. Selecting a concealer that suits your skin type, prepping your skin by using an eye gel, and correctly applying the concealer can reduce the chances of your eyes creasing. 

  1. Will wearing an eye gel reduce my eye creasing? 

The regular use of an eye gel can help improve the appearance of eye creases by hydrating the skin and providing a boost of moisture to the area around the eyes. Use an Eye gel containing a combination of peptides, red and brown algae extract, which help provide an anti-wrinkle effect and nourish the skin. 

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