Whether you are going for a full glam look, or a no-makeup makeup look, you cannot go on without some under eye concealing! Under eye concealer is like an inevitable evil in your makeup kit. It covers up those dark circles, brightens the under eye area, and evens out your skin tone, making it essential. But if not used correctly, it can cause creasing, making it evil. So, does that mean you can’t do anything about it? No way!

There are a few tricks and tips you can follow to make your eye makeup look flawless and stop it from creasing. Keep on scrolling to know about them.

5 Hacks to get that crease-less makeup look

#1 Everything starts with Skincare

It is very common for people to have fine lines under their eyes. If the fine lines and wrinkles are dry and majorly visible, it increases the chances of products settling in and thus, creasing of concealer. So, the first tip to prevent your eye makeup from creasing is to maintain the skin underneath. Always start your makeup by using an under eye cream and following it up with a good, hydrating moisturizer. This ensures you have a smooth base to work on and your under eye area looks smooth.

#2 Prime it up

After you have slathered up your moisturizer, and your skin has absorbed all the goodness, it’s time to prime the under eye area. Focus the primer in areas where you have fine lines and pores to prevent creasing. The primer fills and settles in the fine lines and creates a canvas for your concealer to glide on smoothly.

#3 Find the right product & tools

Even a pro technique cannot cover up for the wrong product formulations. Hence, it is very important to choose the right concealer. If you choose a watery concealer, it may move around and take much time to settle under your eyes. If you choose a thick concealer, it may dry out your under eyes and look cakey.

The same analogy goes for beauty tools as well. Some people prefer blending concealers with their fingers, while others with brushes. Do what works for you, but to get an even base, we highly recommend using damp beauty blenders.

#4 It’s all about the technique

When you have the right product and technique in your hands, nothing will stop you from preventing under eye creasing!

First things first, where to apply the concealer? The best area to apply the concealer is around the inner corners. Focus most of the product there and then apply a little bit towards the end of the eye. Now, once you have applied the concealer, don’t rush to blend it, instead wait for some time (30-50 seconds) and then blend it.

Next up is the technique of blending. To prevent creasing, always look up while blending the concealer. When you stretch the area, it flattens out all the fine lines and makes you avoid blending the product into the folds.

#5 Baking will save the day

The last and the most important step is baking and setting the concealer in place to prevent it from creasing. Take some finely sifted setting powder on the sponge and dab it around the eyes. Let the product sit for some time and then dust off the excess with a brush.

And Voila, there you have it! A perfect crease-less under eye makeup look.