You have overall flawless and bright skin albeit the dark circles around your eyes. No matter what you do, the grayish purplish tinge around the eyes is constant. It is rather frustrating, right? From heredity, and lifestyle to age- a lot of factors can cause dark circles. Once you figure out the cause behind your dark circles, finding a remedy gets easier too. They may not disappear entirely but can be somewhat reduced. Read on to find out the different reasons behind the appearance of dark circles to treat them.

What are dark circles?

To understand dark circles and their causes, knowing the basics of eye anatomy is essential. The eyelid area has the thinnest skin. Underneath is a hollow area filled with blood vessels, fat, and muscles. When the blood or the pigments underneath and the vascular movements show through this layer, they appear as dark circles. It can also be hyperpigmentation of the skin in this area that makes it appear darker. Ruptured blood vessels, thinning of the under-eye skin, genetics, and environmental stressors- all play a role in the appearance of dark circles.

5 causes of dark circles

There are various reasons behind the appearance of dark circles. Here are some of them that may be the cause behind your specific issue:


With age, the skin gets thinner and translucent. Also, the overall muscle and tissues of the face lose volume. Together, they lead to darker pigmentation around the eye. The suborbicular oculi fat or SOOF tissues around the eyes shrink with time, minimizing the natural volume around the eye. As a result, a shadow is created. Also, the skin loses elastane and collagen with age, thus making it thinner.


When the body is severely dehydrated, it also causes all the tissues including those around the eyes to shrink. If you have naturally dry skin or suffer from a severe illness that triggers dehydration or generally drink less water, such a problem can happen. Also, excessive intake of alcohol, caffeine, and similar beverages regularly causes dehydration.

3.Stress and anxiety

You may get temporary dark circles that appear at moments you are going through a stressful situation or life crisis. The stress can be something as trivial as a habit of straining the eyes to see something- like the tendency of reading very small prints such as storybooks, in a night lamp. The blood vessels expand to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes and lead to the appearance of dark circles. Over time such venous pooling can lead to permanent darkening.

4.Lack of sleep

Similar to stress, lack of sleep also leads to dark circles. Not getting enough sleep strains the eye and you get dark circles due to venous pooling triggered by the stress from breaking the circadian rhythm.

5.Genetics and medical conditions

Sometimes, dark circles are simply caused by genetics. If the skin is thinner by birth or your parents have darker blood vessels, dark circles will appear. Another common cause is underlying and dormant medical conditions. Vitamin deficiency, poor nutrition, anemia, and malabsorption syndromes- all can cause dark circles.

The right diet, ample water intake, good sleep cycle, and quality skincare products together can help to reduce the intensity of dark circles. Products like Foxtale Ceramide Supercream Moisturizer and Foxtale Dewy Cover-Up Sunscreen are great choices since they help boost collagen and improve the skin’s suppleness and hydration. That in turn will reduce the impact of the dark circles.