Skinfasting and Its Benefits

All you need to know about Skin Fasting and its Benefits .


Skin fasting is the process of reducing the number of products you're putting on the face and to get clearer skin. Read more to find out more about this trend and its benefits!

Striving for clearer and refreshed skin is a lifelong journey for all. As we age our skin demands more attention and effort. Thus, we continuously try to find ways to rejuvenate the skin. Especially in today’s world, while there are more stressors, we have numerous techniques and products to get the ultimate flawless skin. Hand in hand, skin fasting is becoming equally popular. But what is the new trend? As the name suggests, it is a break from the zillions of products once in a while. But does it work? Read on to find out.

What is skin fasting?

Theoretically, skin fasting is the technique of taking a break from the multi-step skincare routine to give your skin time to breathe, and reset naturally. It allows the skin to rejuvenate naturally at its own pace. The concept is simple but how it fares on each person differs based on their skin type, and issues.

What are the benefits of skin fasting? 

Skin fasting is significantly beneficial when done carefully. Here are a few advantages of practicing skin fasting periodically:

  • Skin fasting helps your skin reset naturally from the effects of using several skincare products at once. As a result, it regains the ability to react better to products once you start the skincare routine.
  • The break improves your skin’s ability to produce natural oils that keep it soft and supple.
  • Skin fasting also improves the healing process after your skin negatively reacts to a product.

What is the correct way of skin fasting?

Skin fasting is all about keeping the routine simple and effective. Here are some dos and don’ts of skin fasting:

  • Drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated internally when you do skin fasting
  • Do not overdo skin fasting, once a week is enough
  • Ensure the environmental humidity around you is appropriate to prevent excessive dryness or flaking of your skin
  • Avoid skin fasting if you are going through a skin treatment or recently experienced skin peeling
  • Use basic skincare products and stick to the bare minimum. A cleansing, moisturizing, and protection routine is enough. Get your hands on the Foxtale Dewy Skin Trio and have your basic skincare routine sorted!

Who should and shouldn't try skin fasting?

If you use a variety of skincare products and often use makeup, skin fasting can help to recover and heal. Also, if you have not figured out a perfect combination of products for your skin, taking a step back and helping the skin’s natural balance get restored is a wise decision. Moreover, those with highly sensitive skin may also benefit from the process.

Skin fasting is not suitable for a few people though. If you are suffering from skin problems like eczema, acne, rosacea, or melasma, you will regularly need topical medicines. In such a situation skin fasting is not suitable. Also, those who already have a skincare routine that ideally works for them do not need to undergo skin fasting.

Skin fasting is a very versatile trend that is suitable for most people. Whether you need it though, largely depends on your understanding of your skin issues.


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