Know How to Reduce Eye Puffiness

Know How to Reduce Eye Puffiness


 Puffy eyes are not the most exciting thing you look forward to. However, there are numerous ways of getting rid of them. Read the article to find out more!

Have you been binge-watching that one TV Show on Netflix again? Stayed up all night completing a last-minute assignment? Well, the effects can be clearly seen in your eyes. There are several ways to treat puffiness around the eyes; read the article to learn more! 

Causes of eye puffiness: 

1.Sleep well- We frequently have trouble getting a decent night's sleep as a result of things including stress and restlessness. The muscles surrounding the eyes weaken when people don't get enough sleep, which results in puffiness. 

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is advised. Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine right before bed. Turning off gadgets one to two hours before sleeping is the most crucial of all. 

2.Eating unhealthy food- A diet high in sodium or salt should be avoided as it could cause your body to retain more water, which may result in eye, face, and body puffiness.

3.Genetics- Genetics may be a significant factor in deciding if you have eye puffiness. Therefore, it could imply that you are more likely to develop this problem if either of your parents does. 

How to get rid of puffy eyes? 

1.Drink more water- Dehydration can lead to puffy eyes. You keep your skin healthy, make sure to drink lots of water each day. 

2.Skip the alcohol- Alcohol and other beverages that can dehydrate you should be limited or avoided. Drinking a glass of water would be preferable because swollen eyes might be a sign of dehydration. Fresh fruit-infused water is a wonderfully creative technique to make this boring process more enjoyable. You may easily hydrate yourself through this method! 

3.Consume more potassium- You might want to increase your potassium intake because it can assist your body get rid of extra fluids. Bananas, beans, yogurt, and leafy greens can all help you do this. If you already consume a diet high in potassium, discuss with your doctor if your current potassium level is safe or whether you should start taking a potassium supplement. 

4.Apply a cold compress- The best and most accessible DIY treatment for reducing eye puffiness is applying a cool compress. You can significantly minimize the puffiness around the eyes by applying a cool compress. This aids in removing excess fluid from the area around your eyes.

5.Use an eye cream- There are numerous eye treatments available that could reduce puffiness. Use an eye gel instead of an eye cream because they are less dense. Pick a  eye gel with water-based actives because they can work more efficiently and have higher penetration. 


1)Which is the best way to get rid of puffy eyes at home? 

Applying a cold compress on your eyes for approximately 10 minutes is the best way to solve this problem. 

2)What foods cause puffy eyes? 

One of the main causes of swollen eyes is eating fast food, canned food, dairy products, and sugary items.

3)Which is the best vitamin for puffy eyes? 

Vitamin E is a great source of minerals and prevents wrinkles and under-eye bags.

The Conclusion 

Lack of sleep, a bad diet, or seasonal allergies are just a few causes of puffy eyes. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is crucial if you want to prevent swollen eyes. While the true reason for swollen eyes can often be determined, occasionally, puffy eyes may indicate a more serious problem. If you think your puffy eyes might indicate something else, go to your doctor. 

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