Here’s how to use Retinol the right way for the best results

Know how to use Retinol the right way for the best results


Unlock youthful radiance with Retinol! The ultimate weapon against ageing, acne, and more. Get the best results with our expert guide on how to use Retinol.

Welcome to the Retinol wonderland! If you’re reading this, just know that you are one step closer to youthful and radiant skin. But we know, you must still have some concerns about this product. "How should I use it?" "I'm a beginner, will it have any side- effects?" “How much is too much?” Don't fret, we’ve got all the answers for you. So sit back, relax and let's dive into the world of Retinol together, and say goodbye to any doubts and hesitation! 

What is Retinol?

A derivative of vitamin A, this potent ingredient is used to treat skin problems like wrinkles, acne, dullness, and hyperpigmentation. Retinol is known to kickstart the production of collagen and speeds up cell turnover. Due to this smart mechanism, you're able to get good riddance from all the skin conditions that have been bothering you. It helps you get firmer, more taut skin and is an all-in-1 solution to all your skin concerns! 

How to use Retinol? 

  • Start with a cleanser

The thought of a pampering cleanse seems very tempting after a long and tiring day. Using a gentle cleanser helps unclog pores and gets rid of dirt which might be responsible for giving you a dull complexion. Treat your skin with a hydrating facewash like Foxtale's daily duet cleanser. It contains the goodness of Red algae extract- an antioxidant that helps in locking in moisture and Vitamin B5, which promotes faster healing of the skin resulting in a reduction of acne and blemishes over time.  

Hydrating Face Wash

  • Apply Retinol 

We know how eager you must've been to reach this step. But wait, before applying retinol, you need to keep a few things in mind. Before taking the retinol plunge, consider doing a patch test which is a quick and easy way to check for any potential redness or sensitivity. Once you've got the all-clear, you can confidently use Retinol and see the difference it can make on your skin. Take a pea-sized amount of retinol serum and apply it gently to the face and neck. In case you're wondering if applying only a pea-sized amount will be enough- Trust us, with retinol, Less is more. 

Worried if Retinol might cause your skin any side effects? Try using Foxtale's Retinol Anti Ageing Night Serum; it contains 0.15% encapsulated retinol, a safer concentration of retinol that penetrates deeper into the layers of skin before being activated. Unlike regular retinol serums, encapsulated retinol delivers benefits without causing any purging or irritation on your skin. 


  • Provide moisturization 

After applying retinol, you need to seal in all the benefits with a moisturizer. Give your skin a dose of nourishment with a generous amount of moisturizer. This will make your skin feel extremely soft and supple. Foxtale's Ceramide Supercream contains a unique blend of ingredients that are known to protect you from dryness and maintain the skin barrier. The moisturizer's unique feature is that it contains ceramides that hold the skin together and form a protective layer to prevent moisture loss. This is an excellent addition to your winter skincare routine!

Smoothening moisturizer

  • Defend with Sunscreen 

Although you've completed your PM routine, that doesn't excuse you from the most important part- sunscreen. The next morning you need to follow up your routine by using a high-SPF sunscreen. Why? Your skin's sensitivity to UV rays is increased after using retinol. 

If you avoid putting on sunscreen because it leaves your skin feeling greasy- you can try Foxtale's matte finish sunscreen. It absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving zero white cast and a shine-free finish, perfect for those with oily skin. But if you’re on the lookout for a sunscreen that is moisturizing, you can try Foxtale's dewy sunscreen. It leaves a beautiful dewy glow which is great for dry skin! Both options provide protection against the signs of ageing, so you can choose the one that best suits your skin type and enjoy a radiant, youthful look. 

Dewy sunscreen


Retinol, if incorporated and used safely, can bring a myriad of benefits to your skin. Here's a tip- To let your skin get well-adjusted to this product, you can start off slowly. Apply retinol only once or twice a week. Once you feel your skin is getting used to this product, you can use it every alternate night. With patience and proper use, retinol can help to improve the appearance and texture of your skin. "Trust the process" with retinol! 


1.Can I apply retinol in the morning?

No, it is advised to apply retinol only at night. Retinol is known to make your face sensitive to UV rays. When you come under sunlight, the efficacy of the product also decreases. You can incorporate the serum at night and follow up with SPF in the morning.

2.When can I expect results after using retinol on my skin? 

Once you start using Foxtale's Vit-A-Lity retinol night serum, you can expect to see brighter and firmer skin within 8 weeks of use. The key is to stay consistent with your application to get the best results! 

3.I have a dull complexion. Will retinol help brighten it? 

Yes, retinol aids in brightening the skin’s complexion. It works by accelerating cell turnover, which helps to shed dull, dead skin cells, revealing the newer, healthier skin underneath. This process not only improves the texture of your skin but also gives it a noticeable radiance and glow. 

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