Skin Hydration: The ultimate mantra for replenished skin

Skin Hydration: The ultimate mantra for replenished skin

Hydration is essential for every complexion. Let’s deep dive into the benefits of skin hydration and also learn how to restore hydration for healthy, glowing skin.

 We have likely encountered dried-up, dehydrated skin at some point in life. Blame it on the weather, genetics, dietary and lifestyle choices, or a messed-up skincare routine. Some of the most common causes or as one may call them – the external factors that lead to dehydrated skin are taking frequent hot showers, lack of sleep, overconsumption of caffeine, and sugary delights to name a few.  In recent years, skincare has gained special attention and with that, certain terms like Skin Hydration have become the ultimate talk of the town. While keeping your skin hydrated at all times may not be as easy, it’s important to note that well-hydrated skin is a sign of good health.

So, what is skin hydration? It simply refers to raising the water content of the skin. Anatomically, our skin is made up of three layers – The epidermis (outer layer), the dermis (the central layer), and the hypodermis (the deepest layer). When the epidermal barrier is compromised and there’s no scope of retaining any moisture, that’s when the skin begins to dry up and ends up getting dehydrated. Dry skin and dehydrated skin aren’t to be confused with. Dry skin lacks oil and dehydrated skin is void of water content. It’s important to keep the skin hydrated for obvious reasons but most of all, it helps in retaining elasticity and promotes overall health. Improved hydration helps in plumping the skin and also reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

How can you effectively keep your skin hydrated?

In case of health concerns like diabetes, thyroid or kidney disease, or skin conditions like eczema, it is necessary to seek medical help. However, if the skin barrier is compromised and dehydrated due to external factors, here are a few ways through which hydration can be restored –

1 Increase your water intake, decrease your chances of dehydration

Drinking sufficient water is your best bet to keep yourself hydrated. Experts recommend consuming a little over two litres of water every day. This also enhances the body’s detoxification process through urination, breathing, perspiration, and bowel movements, thus improving overall health.

In addition to increasing the water intake, it is advisable to keep the consumption of diuretics like coffee and alcohol in check.

2 Clean up carefully

While you may be tempted to frequently wash your face or have a hot water bath often, it’s not friendly advice! Doing so could hamper the essential oils and moisturizing naturally present in the skin. Additionally, invest in a good cleanser that will not dry up the skin. Our Daily Duvet Cleanser is formulated with a unique moisture-lock technology that gets rid of excess sebum and ensures the skin is replenished.

3 Keep calm and moisturize 

A simple yet effective way to maintain skin hydration is to use moisturizer. Just like a cleanser, the right moisturizer can work wonders if used consistently. Both Ceramide Supercream and Comfort Zone are moisturizers formulated to suit all skin types, keeping in mind hydration and skin sensitivity.

4 Look within to achieve healthy skin 

One-fifth of your daily fluid intake comes from the food you eat. Fruits like Watermelon, berries, oranges, and veggies like cucumber, lettuce, zucchini and are highly rich in water and including these in your diet can largely contribute to staying hydrated. 

5 Less stress, more hydration 

Stress and dehydration, well, apparently as it seems so, are interrelated. Simply put – more stress, more chances of dehydrated skin, and dehydrated skin could ultimately lead back to stress. So how can you break this vicious cycle? Just like there should be no compromise on your water intake, there shouldn’t be any when it comes to your mental health. Socializing, exercising, and cultivating hobbies and interests are some ways to cope with stress.

The Takeaway –

Now that we’ve learned about the significance of skin hydration let’s not overlook it. For the skin thrives when it’s well hydrated and the overall benefits of hydration cannot simply be overstated. Let’s try to stock up on the right products, adopt good habits and break up with the bad ones.

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