Skincare Essentials to Prep your Skin for Humid Weather

If you desire acne-free, calm and radiant skin this summer, here is a well-sorted skincare routine for humid weather made just for you.

Perspiring after a workout is probably a good sign! However, when this happens in humid conditions, it creates a host of problems for your skin. With the approaching scorching heat, humidity levels increase and this calls for extra pampering of your skin! While you cannot control the humid weather, you can definitely adjust your skincare routine in these times. This article shares with you, a skincare routine for humid weather and a few tips to maintain clear skin. Keep on reading to know about them.

Skincare for humid weather

1.Put forward a strong cleansing game

The worst thing about humid weather is that you tend to break out more due to the accumulation of excess sebum, pollution, and dirt. Hence, a little extra care goes a long way in preventing acne. The best way to do this is by keeping your skin and the pores clean with the help of a good cleanser.

You don’t necessarily need to use a strong, foaming cleanser, instead, use a gentle cleanser that deeply cleans your skin. A super quick and effective cleanse with Our Daily Duet Face Wash twice a day (morning and night) is all you need to remove undesirable oiliness, dirt, grime, waterproof sunscreen and even makeup. This also ensures that you have a clean face so the products applied later on can absorb better on the skin.

2.Introduce gentle exfoliators

By using exfoliators, we do not mean using apricot or walnut based scrubs and aggressively pulling out the gunk. Instead, use Gentle chemical exfoliators such as AHA’s, Retinol, BHA’s. These have been proven to lift all the dirt and excess sebum from your face which is often seen in humid conditions.

You can either use single ingredient based serums or you can go for chemical peels that usually incorporate more than one acid. Exfoliation is key to cleaning your skin thoroughly and preventing acne as well. But make sure to only do this 2-3 times a week.

3.Cool it down with face masks

Using a face mask is not just a great way to feel refreshed and relaxed but also cool down your skin, a much-needed break from the scorching heat. Look for specific ingredients in your face mask for particular concerns. If you are looking for detoxification, choose charcoal or coffee-based mask. For acne, look for turmeric or tea tree oil-based face masks and for the cooling effect, you can opt for Fuller’s earth or volcanic clay-based masks. You can use a face mask according to what your skin needs at the moment.

4.Refresh your skin from time to time

Keep a refreshing face mist at hand and spray it all over your cleansed face. You can also do this any time of the day. A facial mist has tiny droplets that penetrate deep into the skin, leaving it happy and hydrated. Rosewater, jasmine water, green tea mist, or anything can be used as a facial mist. You can also DIY it!

5.Switch to light-weight serums

Ditch those heavy, milky serums in humid weather conditions and opt for water-based, light-weight serums instead. Since hydration isn’t the goal in humid situations, you can choose serums that treat your skin conditions.

Whether you are looking to target hyperpigmentation, acne scars, fine lines, uneven skin tone, or prevention from sun damage, our C For Yourself Vitamin C Serum is what you need. This is the answer to all your queries! It absorbs right into the skin and doesn’t feel heavy, making it a perfect serum for humid weather.

6.Avoid heavy moisturizers

A lot of people are scared to use a moisturizer in humid weather, especially oily skin types. But did you know that if you don’t use a moisturizer and give it what it needs, it is going to make up for it by compensating for the lost moisture? This compensation will further result in an increase in oil production in your skin, making it oily and greasy.

The best way to avoid it is by using a light, gel-based, fast-absorbing moisturizer. We highly recommend our Ceramide Supercream Moisturizer as it fits the description perfectly! It is designed by keeping in mind the current needs of people. It is a moisturizer that hydrates skin, calms inflamed skin, repairs the skin barrier, and can also be paired with actives such as Retinol, and AHA’s. Trust us, you won’t regret using this moisturizer for humid weather and won’t stop admiring its feather-like texture.

7.No matter what- don’t forget sunscreen

If someone tells you to avoid using sunscreens in humid weather because they are heavy on the skin and give you a white cast, run as fast as you can from them! Moreover, Sunscreen is a non-negotiable step in humid weather conditions as the UV index is much higher at this time.

To protect your skin from the harmful UV rays as well the blue light from your computer, use our Cover Up Sunscreen and call it a day. The creamy formula doesn’t leave any white cast and settles right into the skin without making it feel like you have applied anything. Apart from sun protection, it also contains ingredients such as Niacinamide that calms inflammation and helps control oil production.
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