Underrated and Unsung hero Skincare Ingredients that do Wonders

Underrated and Unsung hero Skincare Ingredients that do Wonders

  • By Anindita Biswas

If you come across a skincare product with ingredients discussed here, know that you found a great option, courtesy of these underrated but effective ingredients.

With so many ingredients and products flooding the market, recognizing the best becomes a task. Every day there is a new product that trends in the market, but many good ingredients go unnoticed under the radar. This article features those underrated ingredients so that next time, you can take an informed decision if you come across them.

Underrated skincare ingredients

We have listed some of the best skincare ingredients that are underrated but have significant results.

1.Azelaic acid

A derivative of grains like barley or wheat, Azelaic acid is an organic compound and belongs to the class of medicines called dicarboxylic acid. Azelaic acid possesses anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness even for sensitive skin. It is also an oxidant that counter-attack the effect of free radicals, thus lowering inflammation. It treats acne, rosacea, and melasma and encourages cell turnover so that healing is hastened and scarring is minimized. For this very own purpose, we have included Azelaic acid as a primary ingredient in the Foxtale Acne Spot Corrector. We are proud to claim this product can vanish your breakout in 12 - 72 hours! See for yourself if you don’t believe us.


It is an effective hydrating and anti-aging ingredient used in many skin care formulations. The moisturizing property of betaine softens the skin texture. It reduces the sensitivity and offers a calming effect to the skin, thus acting as an anti-irritant.


A derivative of pantothenic acid, Panthenol is popularly known as vitamin B5. It is commonly used as an ingredient in many skin care products due to its softening and soothing effect on the skin. It is known as an anti-irritant agent. It improves skin hydration and provides elasticity.

4.Benzoyl peroxide

This is another effective weapon to treat red, inflammatory breakouts. It is extensively used in acne treatment. Due to its antiseptic properties, it is used in a face wash to kill the germs on the face's surface.

5.Sodium hyaluronate

Hyaluronic acid is a compound that naturally occurs in the body, mainly in the skin. Sodium hyaluronate is extracted from hyaluronic acid and provides a moisturizing and soothing effect to the skin on application. It prevents water loss from the skin, thus ensuring the skin stays hydrated for a longer duration. It attracts moisture and gets easily mixed with water. Due to its property of retaining moisture, it prevents wrinkling. Sodium hyaluronate soothes skin inflammation and helps to heal skin ulcers.


It is a by-product of the plant Glycyrrhiza glabra, which belongs to the bean family. The root of this plant holds a great place in the medical industry due to its various properties. It helps to treat hyperpigmentation and restores the skin to a lighter tone if applied daily to a darker area. Glabridin, a substance found in liquorice, stops the skin from darkening if exposed to the sun. Liquorice regenerates elastin and collagen, thus making the skin smooth and elastic. It is also an effective remedy against inflammation, acne and wrinkles.

The best ingredient is the one that suits your skin ideally. Figuring that out gets easier as you try out different products and combinations over the years.

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