Hydration Booster

Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin Plumping + Eye Candy Firming Eye Gel + Smoothening Moisturizer

Your key to hydrated and clear skin.
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Hydration Booster

Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin Plumping + Eye Candy Firming Eye Gel + Smoothening Moisturizer

Your key to hydrated and clear skin.
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Why Choose This Combo

This is your ‘hydration holy grail’

This trio is a must for people with extremely dry or irritated skin. Reduce and treat dark circles, minimize crow’s feet, strengthen your barrier, hydrate deeply, and calm down any irritation. Try this trio for a week and feel the difference.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin Plumping

Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin Plumping

It is a power-packed serum with hyaluronic acid and 5 other nourishing actives, this hydration booster reaches deep to nourish, heal, and protect your skin.
Eye Candy Firming Eye Gel

Eye Candy Firming Eye Gel

It is the ultimate eye gel that reduces dark circles, depuffs your under-eyes, and diminishes fine lines, all within 10 days.
Smoothening Moisturizer

Smoothening Moisturizer

It is packed with 3 ceramides (AP, NP, EOP) that strengthen the skin barrier and also calm any irritation caused by external stressors, powered with hyaluronic acid as well.
Usage Details
Usage Details

Sodium hyaluronate is a salt derived from Hyaluronic acid. It has a lighter molecular weight and therefore penetrates the topmost layer of your skin easily for deeper hydration.


This is a soothing, anti-inflammatory, and skin-conditioning agent that improves skin hydration, elasticity, and smooth appearance.


Almost like a topical filler, this anti-ageing component helps reduce wrinkles and intensifies hydration. It gives a soothing and plumping effect.


It is an active that stimulates the formation of Aquaporin water channels in the skin cells, which helps in water transportation within cells. Glyceryl glucoside also improves the moisturizing capacity of glycerin, for instant and 24 hours moisturization.


Major active component of chamomile, known for its soothing and wound-healing properties, it reduces redness and irritation. It helps with allergy-prone skin.


Clinically proven to eliminate pigments responsible for dark circles and local inflammation


A naturally derived extract that is rich in polysaccharides, peptides, and fatty acids. It is one of the most incredible antioxidants with equally great cleansing and locking in moisture.


These are 3 of the 9 ceramides found in the skin. Ceramides are the ‘glue’ that holds our skin barrier together and strengthens it. By helping retain water and moisture, they help nourish the skin by calming sensitivity and improving the skin’s texture.


This lipid derived from Olive Oil is extremely beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. It is believed to be 4x more effective than squalane for hydration and nourishment, due to its broader molecule compatibility with skin.

Must Use When
Must Use When


1. What is the recommended frequency of this routine to get visible results?

The under-eye gel brightens up the area around your eyes within 10 days. While both the hydrating serum and moisturizer will instantly plump up your skin and in a few weeks, they will enhance the overall health of your skin.

2. Does the moisturizer offer sun protection?

No, the moisturizer doesn't offer sun protection, but the ceramide-rich formulation protects your skin from environmental irritants while strenthening your skin barrier. It also helps reverse the damage done by the sun to your barrier.

3. I have very dry and dehydrated skin. Will this ritual help me? And how?

Absolutely! The Hydration Booster combo is especially formulated for dry and dehydrated skin. The combination of all these ingredients actually boosts collagen production as well as aid in transferring water molecules between your skin cells.

4. What triggers dry, sensitive skin?

Several things can trigger dry and sensitive skin. The best way to avoid skin irritation is to have a routine that uses products that are effective and gentle on your skin, develop a cleansing and moisturising routine that is right for you, and test your skin's reaction to any new products, before using them.

5. Can I use the hydrating serum on my under eyes as I have fine lines?

Yes, you can use the hydrating serum under the eyes but our eye gel is designed to treat the most sensitive and thinnest part of your skin— your under-eyes, thus very different from regular serums and moisturizers.