Intense Moisture Lock

Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin Plumping + Smoothening Moisturizer

Your key to hydrated, comfortable, and smooth skin
Deep hydrating serum and hydrating moisturizer
Hydrating serum and Hydrating moisturizer can calm & nourish skin with no redness or irritation
Ingredients in Foxtale Hyaluronic serum and smoothening moisturizer
Morning routine with hyaluronic acid and smoothening moisturizer
Night routine with Hyaluronic acid serum and Smoothening moisturizer .
Vegan, Cruelty Free, Suphate free, Paraben free, Dermatologically Tested
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Intense Moisture Lock

Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin Plumping + Smoothening Moisturizer

Your key to hydrated, comfortable, and smooth skin
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Why Choose This Combo

This is ‘your soothing hydration station’

This combo is nourishing, healing, and protective. These skincare champions are packed with ingredients that help with barrier protection, even texture, and no irritation. Try this duo for a week and feel the difference in the texture of your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin Plumping

Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin Plumping

It is a power-packed serum with hyaluronic acid and 5 other nourishing actives, this hydration booster reaches deep to nourish, heal, and protect your skin.
Smoothening Moisturizer

Smoothening Moisturizer

It is packed with 3 ceramides (AP, NP, EOP) that strengthen the skin barrier and also calm any irritation caused by external stressors, powered with hyaluronic acid as well.
Usage Details
Usage Details

Sodium hyaluronate is a uniquely cross-linked derivative of Hyaluronic acid. It hydrates your skin by forming a dense layer over the skin’s surface allowing it to remain there longer, providing a deep conditioning and nourishing effect.


These are 3 of the 9 ceramides found in the skin. Ceramides are the ‘glue’ that holds our skin barrier together and strengthens it. By helping retain water and moisture, they help nourish the skin by calming sensitivity and improving the skin’s texture.


This lipid derived from Olive Oil is extremely beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. It is believed to be 4x more effective than squalane for hydration and nourishment, due to its broader molecule compatibility with skin.


Sodium hyaluronate is a salt derived from Hyaluronic acid. It has a lighter molecular weight and therefore penetrates the topmost layer of your skin easily for deeper hydration.


A naturally derived extract that is rich in polysaccharides, peptides, and fatty acids. It is one of the most incredible antioxidants with equally great cleansing and locking in moisture.


This is a soothing, anti-inflammatory, and skin-conditioning agent that improves skin hydration, elasticity, and smooth appearance.


Almost like a topical filler, this anti-ageing component helps reduce wrinkles and intensifies hydration. It gives a soothing and plumping effect.


It is an active that stimulates the formation of Aquaporin water channels in the skin cells, which helps in water transportation within cells. Glyceryl glucoside also improves moisturizing capacity of glycerin, for instant and 24 hours moisturization.


Major active component of chamomile, known for its soothing and wound-healing properties, it reduces redness and irritation. It helps with allergy-prone skin.

Must Use When
Must Use When


1. Which is an essential ingredient in the moisturizer that helps with dry skin?

This particular moisturizer is powered with three types of ceramides - AP, NP, and EOP - that hold in moisture on your skin. It is also formulated with a derivative of powerful hyaluronic acid that helps nourish dehydrated skin.

2. What does dehydrated skin look like?

Dehydrated skin is very different from dry skin type, as even oily or sensitive skin can get dehydrated. It looks dull, and wrinkled, itches, has dark patches, and shows sun damage and signs of ageing very prominently. Believe us your dehydrated skin will definitely love this duo!

3. What does dry skin look like?

Dry skin types are pretty common in India. They may seem flaky, coarse, or scaly mostly because of genetics and climatic conditions, but the appearance of dryness is often due to a lack of nourishing lipids.

4. Do I need both the Hydrating Serum and Moisturizer?

This hydrating serum is a treating agent that heals your dehydration from within to boost collagen production and reduce signs of ageing. The moisturizer is a step of your routine that locks in your treatment along with layering your skin with protective ceramides. While you can use one or the other, we recommend using them together, especially during winter.