Intuitive Skincare: Your pathway to a feel-good Skincare Journey

Intuitive Skincare: Your pathway to a feel-good Skincare Journey

  • By Anindita Biswas

Intuitive skincare involves listening to your skin. Are you ready to take on this journey? Read on to learn all about practicing this ingenious skincare method.

Can you recall the number of times you made a decision based on your intuitions? Now imagine, doing the same about skincare. To abandon the conventional skincare routines and protocols can seem like a risky affair because you don’t know where to start! But on the other hand, your intuitions can give you the best signals about what your skin needs if you learn to read them correctly.

When you start understanding the skin microbiome, you can get the best results. Read on to understand all about intuitive skincare and how you can make it a part of your lifestyle.

What is Intuitive skincare?

Intuitive skincare is a new concept that’s quite the buzz these days. It is about figuring out a skincare routine ideal for your skin type and concerns. It is a holistic approach to skincare understanding wholly that good skin is the result of a healthy body system. You can steer clear of a one-size-fits-all skincare routine once you know your skin well. Ask yourself questions about your skin. Because who is a better judge of your skin than you? You derive the answers to those questions and based on their answers you find the perfect products suitable for your skin.

The choice between synthetic or natural products

Once you start following your instincts to understand your skin, the question arises about the products to use. Should you go all-natural or are there store-bought products that meet your needs?

Clean beauty does not necessarily mean excluding synthetic products. Many synthetic skincare products are made from ingredients that can occur naturally. But to make the product, the ingredients have been produced in the laboratory. The key is to choose products that are suitable for your skin. If the ingredients are showing effective results, it does not matter if it’s a natural or a synthetic item.

Moreover, intuitive skincare makes your skin independent. When your skincare relies on your intuitions, skipping the regime one day or forgetting a specific product would not cause any adversity. To get healthy skin, it is important to provide consistency according to the need. We experience skin fluctuation all the time for many reasons. Stress, diet, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, weather- all of them affect your skin one way or the other. But when you are updating your skincare routine taking these changes into account, they would not become a major problem in the long run.

Less is sometimes more

These days, we are familiar with many different skincare routines that often involve a dozen steps. They may seem to be lucrative as so many different products go into the regime. But at times, a simple routine is enough to achieve flawless skin that can breathe and heal.

Skin minimalism or relying on two or three products is an essential part of intuitive skincare. By instinct, you understand the requirements your skin has and accordingly determine a minimal skincare routine. It can be a face wash, a moisturizer, and a sunscreen along with just a few additional treatments for your skin- the routine stays simple, feasible, and easy to follow.

3 steps to Intuitive skincare

To make the most of intuitive skincare, you can easily break it down into three steps to start with:

Figuring out the release

Before you get into products, it is essential to understand the problems with your skin and the potential solutions. Touch your skin and take a look at the mirror closely. Understand what is in the way of good skin despite your efforts. It can be clogged pores, wrong products, dryness, lack of oil-water balance, and so on. You can do a moisture check, understand the oil balance, and lastly the texture of the skin. Once this is figured out, you can easily find the right products that will restore balance to your skin.

Restoring the balance

You need to cleanse the skin first so that it is ready to absorb the maximum benefits of the products and skincare routines you follow. You need to soothe the skin enough to help derive maximum benefits from serums and moisturizers. To get glowing skin that is hydrated enough, you can use a ceramide moisturizer like the Foxtale Ceramide Super cream. It protects the skin barrier and ensures that moisturization lasts for a long time.

Awaken the natural rhythm

Thorough moisturization and hydration boost the skin’s natural recovery and make the system more efficient. As a result, you get brighter and more youthful skin. Also, the skin’s protective barrier gets improved when the overall skin health gets boosted. As a result, cellular damage is reduced.

Dos and Don’ts of Intuitive skincare

Here are some do’s and Don’ts to embrace intuitive skincare with confidence:


  • Start with gentle skincare products which come from authentic brands and are approved by your skin
  • Touch and feel your skin daily to understand changes in texture, oil balance, and so on
  • Keep track of your menstrual cycle which actively affects your skin condition
  • Use products according to the present condition of the skin and not based on a dedicated routine


  • Avoid getting influenced by trending products, incorporate only what your skin needs
  • Do not pick your skin or obsess with it and expect flawless skin always. There can be good days and bad days
  • Do not get overly dependent on expert opinions otherwise what’s the point of intuitions?
Intuitive skincare is a learning process and you can master it best over the years. The key is observation and reasoning with a basic understanding of skin Science.
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