Everything you Need to Know about Vitamin C for Oily Skin!

Everything you Need to Know about Vitamin C for Oily Skin!


Vitamin C, an effective brightening agent, aids in illuminating your complexion to give it a radiant, youthful appearance. Know more about the benefits of Vitamin C.

Your skin and body can benefit from vitamin C serum for face  in a number of ways. You must have seen a good amount of serums with this elixir in them. But do you know what it does specifically? To give your face the glowy complexion it so rightfully deserves, you'll need this serum. This powerful hydrating ingredient promotes the production of collagen while reducing pigmentation and redness.  

What Is Vitamin C for oily skin? 

Unlike creams, serums are often designed to be lightweight and not overly thick. The skin can easily absorb vitamin C as a result. Vitamin C is very helpful for acne-prone skin because it is a great anti-oxidant. It will give you brightness and smoothness thanks to its anti-aging qualities. After reading this article you will have in-depth knowledge about vitamin C and why it needs to be incorporated into your skincare routine.

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How to use Vitamin C for oily skin? 

At this point, you possess some surface-level knowledge regarding this component. But how you use it is a million-dollar issue. Or even, what precautions should I take when utilizing this serum? 

The first rule you must go by is that you must apply the skincare product from thinnest to thickest in terms of consistency. 

1- You need to cleanse your face.

2- If you're someone who applies a toner, use it at this stage. 

3- Follow this by applying the Vitamin C serum. Gently pat it on your face and neck. 

4- Apply a moisturizer

5- Put on some eye cream (The most overlooked part of your skincare routine).

6- Apply sunscreen. It is very important for you to apply sunscreen after using Vitamin C. 

7- Follow up with your makeup routine.

Benefits of Vitamin C serum for oily skin

1.Hydrating the skin

If you're like most people, your initial thinking is probably, "My skin is already very oily, what is the need for a product that will moisturize it further?''  The idea that people with oily skin cannot moisturize their skin is a very common myth. Their skin is oily because the sebaceous glands on their faces produce too much sebum. 

The face becomes even drier when using harsh cleansers, which stimulates the glands to release more sebum. That's when vitamin C comes into play. In addition to aiding in moisture retention, it also helps in hydrating the face without making the skin appear overly greasy or oily. 

2.Assisting in unclogging of pores-

Clogged pores and oily skin usually go hand in hand. Our pores become clogged as a result of excessive sebum production. However, vitamin C helps to clear away dead skin and unclog congested pores.

3.Preventing any additional breakouts-

 The saying "Prevention is better than cure" can be best suited to Vitamin C. Vitamin C can eliminate any acne-causing bacteria that may be resting in the pores because it has a mildly acidic nature. As a result, outbreaks can be avoided.

  • Helps in brightening the complexion- 

Vitamin C acts as a brightening agent. It aids in enhancing the skin's ability to look more healthy and vibrant. It shields the skin from sun damage and aids in the removal of any dark spots to reveal a beautiful complexion thanks to its antioxidant characteristics. 

  • Helps in healing acne scars- 

Acne scars often serve as a not-so-friendly reminder of the painful pimples they once were. Fortunately, vitamin C increases collagen synthesis and cell renewal, which aids in rebuilding the cells much more quickly. This results in acne scars vanishing completely. 

The conclusion- 

 While vitamin C serum offers innumerable benefits to your skin, it is best to not treat it as a one-size-fits-all product. Remember, every skin is different and reacts to products differently.  To prevent your serum from causing your skin to become oilier, you must be careful about the type of serum you choose and take certain factors into consideration. 

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