Olive Oil - A miracle ingredient for your skin and hair

Olive Oil - A miracle ingredient for your skin and hair


Olive oil is deemed the miracle ingredient for skin and hair care. Learn more about how it helps best in cosmetic usage.

Oils are beauty saviors in many different forms. There are different types of oils we can use to nourish our skin and hair. Amongst these, olive oil is one ingredient that has gained the reputation of being a miracle oil. So much so that it is known as JLo’s liquid gold secret for flawless skin.

Olive oil prevents signs of premature skin aging and sun damage. It contains antioxidants that also fight against free radical damage. From hair to skin and even eyebrows and eyelashes, olive oil has numerous benefits. Let us find out more about the amazing benefits of the product and learn more about how we at Foxtale make the most of this ingredient.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin

The following are some of the benefits of using olive oil or olive oil-infused skincare products:

1. It prevents water loss

Olive oil moisturizes the skin and prevents water loss and ensures you stay hydrated. The moisturization provided by olive oil keeps the skin supple and hydrated enough. Overall the health and appearance of your skin are improved from daily use of olive oil-infused products. One of the best olive-oil infused products to use daily is Our Ceramide Supercream. It contains hydrogenated olive oil unsaponifiables which is almost four times more effective than squalene, a well-known ingredient to soothe and moisturize the skin.

2. It has healing properties

Olive oil is very effective in reducing minor scarring and marks from wounds or acne over time. The triterpenes present in olive oil in abundance improve cell migration, cell proliferation and collagen deposition. All these are important stages of healing any wound. Thus, wounds close much faster with daily usage of olive oil.

3. It removes makeup effectively

Olive oil is a gentle alternative to your regular, drying makeup remover as it helps to break down those tough, waxy makeup residue easily. Thus, removing mascara and eyeliners are particularly easy using olive oil-infused products. Our Daily Duet Face Wash contains hydrogenated olive oil and is your best friend when it comes to removing makeup as well as cleansing your skin gently. The hydrating formula and skin-loving ingredients make sure to keep the natural oils close and dirt and grime away from your skin.

4. It Prevents premature Aging

Prevention of aging is perhaps one of the most significant benefits of olive oil that attract many of us, irrespective of age. The oil is rich in vitamins A, D, K, and E as well as squalene. All these together help to reduce oxidative stress on the skin. Thus, it prevents the acceleration of skin aging over the years.

Olive oil has been used for skincare and beauty for many years now. These days, you can find more advanced products that are infused with the purest and the best version of the oil that nourishes the skin thoroughly. Enjoy flawless skin and beauty for years to come by including this miracle oil in your daily skincare routine.

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