Snail Mucin - the Miracle Ingredient of Korean Beauty

Snail Mucin - the Miracle Ingredient of Korean Beauty

  • By Anindita Biswas

Although messy, snail mucin is one of the most popular ingredients in k-beauty. Read more about its properties and how this miracle ingredient works.

Do you often desire the glass skin beauty standards of Korean women which is equivalent to liquid gold skin in India? Then you have got to meet this flabbergasting ingredient- snail mucin. Snail mucin is one of the secrets behind Korean's flawlessness and radiant look. It is one of the buzzwords in the skin care industry which has found its way to other countries too. The snails are animals that belong to the group of gastropods. They lack backbone and can be found in three types of habitat –freshwater, saltwater, and land. Let us find out how they can enrich your skincare routine.

What is snail mucin?

Snail mucin is a slime or mucus that is extracted from the body of a snail. This mucus is released by the snail when it moves forward. Mucin from the body of the snail helps them glide more easily and prevents any kind of friction.

History of snail mucin

A snail was used as a skincare product back in the Pericles age. Hippocrates, the famous physician used to use crushed snails with sour milk to treat inflammation on the skin. The French started using snails as a part of their skincare routine in the 18th century. Snail Mucin is a popular skincare ingredient in Chile used by the Mapuche tribe to maintain soft and moisturized skin despite the harsh weather. Today those methods have been developed with the help of modern science to bring new skincare products infused with snail mucin.

How is snail mucin beneficial for the skin? 

Here are some benefits of snail mucin in skincare that have led to its popularity:

  • The anti-microbial properties of snail mucin help to treat acne
  • Significantly fades away post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Provide sufficient moisturization to your skin
  • Makes the skin firmer by increasing collagen production and elastin synthesis
  • Improves the production of new skin cells and hence accelerates skin healing

Components in snail mucin that benefit the skin


Studies show combining snail secretion filtrate with different ingredients gives significant results against early signs of aging. Snail mucin has an anti-aging property that comes from allantoin, a component present in the snail. This chemical compound is hydrating and helps in synthesizing collagen. It boosts the level of collagen and slows down skin sagging which is common in aging skin.

2.Glycolic acid

The glycolic acid in snail mucin can penetrate the deepest in your skin because of its fine molecular size. It is the most potent form of AHA which can help remove dead skin cells and smoothen the skin texture.

3.Hyaluronic acid

The Hyaluronic acid present in the snail mucin helps your skin to lock in moisture. It helps in repairing and building the barrier function of your skin which will block all the environmental aggressors and toxins.

4.Natural antibacterial

Snail mucin’s antibacterial qualities help in blocking any outside bacterial attack. It provides a protective layer on your skin and prevents any kind of infection. Also, the damaged tissue gets repaired and boosts new cell growth on our skin.

How to incorporate snail mucin into your skincare routine? 

You can use snail mucin in the form of potent serums and moisturizers today. There are many types of skincare products that are infused with snail mucin and other beneficial skincare ingredients that are targeted toward anti-aging and overall skin health boosting.

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