Tips on How to Remove Makeup from the Face

Tips on How to Remove Makeup from the Face

From using micellar water to generously applying cleanser to get rid of all that makeup, here’s a list of all makeup hacks you can use in your routine.

You take hours and put in tons of effort to pull off the no-makeup makeup look. And the worse part is, after some point you have to take it off. Although not removing makeup and going directly to bed seems a tempting choice, it isn't exactly the best choice for your skin in the long run. This leads to issues relating to breakout, irritation, and styes. To get rid of any makeup traces, you could employ a range of products. But some aspects of the makeup just won't disappear, no matter what you do.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you achieve that flawless makeup-free face, whether it be a smudged line of kajal or a very dark-colored lipstick that just won't go away. 

How to remove makeup- A few tips and tricks 

  • Use Micellar water

It should be used first to remove lip and eye makeup. Micellar water is a fantastic all-purpose makeup remover that is mild on sensitive skin and effective in removing eye makeup, lipstick, and other types of makeup. Before cleansing your face, wipe away makeup with it using a cotton pad. In addition to being mild on your skin, it also helps tone it. It will take off makeup without causing any irritation because of its gentle nature.

  • Avoid depending on Makeup wipes

Don't rely too heavily on makeup wipes. Although you might believe that all of your makeup has been taken off, that is not the case. To completely remove all of the residual grime, you still need to apply a hydrating facewash. If you decide to call it a day just after using a makeup wipe and then moisturizing, you will push any remnants of makeup into the skin which might lead to nasty breakouts.

  • Choose a water-based cleanser 

To thoroughly wash your skin, pick a cleanser that is water-based. Make careful to choose a moisturizing and gentle solution because your skin has already lost many of its beneficial elements. Use a pH-balanced face cleanser with skin-friendly components that maintain the skin's natural barrier. 

  • Tie your hair 

Put your hair up in a ponytail to get rid of any makeup traces near your hairline. At first glance, this could appear like a daunting undertaking, but your skin will appreciate it afterwards. Breakouts may result from makeup residue building up along the hairline.

  • Cotton pads- a better alternative than Cotton balls 

Include cotton pads in your essential skincare accessory list. Your makeup removal solution is absorbed by cotton, which makes it simpler to remove makeup. Cotton pads spread liquids more evenly while applying skin care, ensuring that the entire face is covered by the product.

  • Moisturize your skin 

Always use a moisturizer after. Your skin is in a tender state right now, and using a smoothening moisturizer is the perfect way of nourishing it. Apply a generous amount of lip balm on your lips, and dab on some eye cream because the eye area is very sensitive. A nourishing moisturizer helps in imparting a subtle glow to the skin and makes it smoother. 


Even while it may seem difficult to remove makeup from the skin, especially after a long day, doing so can help to keep your skin clean and free of bacteria and germs that can lead to infections and breakouts. Regardless of your skin type, it is crucial to take off your makeup. Here's to nights we won't forget ( including our skincare routine). 

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